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3745Re: Navigation Feature For EditPlus?

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    Apr 2, 2005
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      You can do something *like* what you want. The sequence of
      files in the document selector can be changed with the Up
      and Down buttons in the window list (press F11), though
      it's not exactly drag and drop. If you want two files of
      several open files displayed together, try tiling them - in
      the window list again, select the ones you want
      (Ctrl+click) and use one of the Tile buttons.

      > Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 19:56:19 -0000
      > From: "angelshield" <angelshield@...>
      > Subject: Navigation Feature For EditPlus?
      > Hello,
      > I've used Editplus for about 5 years. There are two
      > small features
      > I'd love to see in the editor and was wondering if they
      > might be
      > considered at some point:
      > 1) Allow the organizing of document tabs in the document
      > selector
      > toolbar via drag and drop. Let's say I have 10 files
      > open at once
      > and
      > the two files I'm doing the most work on have three file
      > tabs between
      > them. It'd be nice to drag file 2 in the document
      > selector to be
      > next
      > to file 1. IDE's like Visual Studio.NET and Eclipse
      > behave this way.
      > 2) Like Eclipse and Visual Studio.NET, you can organize
      > your display
      > so there are two panes where you can drag various files
      > to one pane
      > or
      > the other. This would also be real nice when you are
      > working on two
      > files at once in that you could see them at the same time
      > while
      > having
      > the other files open, but just on other tabs meaning
      > you'd only see
      > two of the open files at a time.
      > I apologize if these things have been asked about before
      > in this
      > forum. I think it'd be a boon to the editor to add this
      > capability
      > to
      > an already wonderful little editor.

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