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305Re: Lost seamless browser focus [edit+]

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  • DZ-Jay
    Jan 3, 2002
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      Wow.... never realized that because I use external browsers. Just checked
      in the latest version (2.11 build 100) and it still has the same
      problem. Will report that as a bug to the developer and see if it is fixed
      in the next build and let you know.


      At around 01/04/2002 12:18 AM, You said something like:
      >Hi everyone,
      >another thing, the topmost E+ bug in my mind: after you tell E+ to
      >display a file in the seamless browser, the focus is not on the
      >browser window after it opens: neither PAGE UP nor PAGE DOWN works.
      >You first need to fumble with the mouse and hit the browser window,
      >only then it becomes navigable. This can be very tiresome. My
      >workaround this far has been to hit F2 twice (where F2 means "show
      >fullscreen") whereupon the focus on the browser window is restored.
      >Is there a better way to get around this? Will the bug be ever
      >killed? (There hasn't been an E+ update for quite some time.)
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