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301Lost seamless browser focus [edit+]

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  • Avenarius
    Jan 3, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      another thing, the topmost E+ bug in my mind: after you tell E+ to
      display a file in the seamless browser, the focus is not on the
      browser window after it opens: neither PAGE UP nor PAGE DOWN works.
      You first need to fumble with the mouse and hit the browser window,
      only then it becomes navigable. This can be very tiresome. My
      workaround this far has been to hit F2 twice (where F2 means "show
      fullscreen") whereupon the focus on the browser window is restored.
      Is there a better way to get around this? Will the bug be ever
      killed? (There hasn't been an E+ update for quite some time.)


      [processed by "The Bat!", Version 1.54 Beta/21]
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