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2987RE: [edit+] Re: Can we write multiple lines at the same time

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  • WBG
    Oct 1 5:34 AM
      Can I know how did you do your macros for the commenting, as I use a lot of
      commenting and uncommenting.



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      From: Dean Householder [mailto:dh@...]
      Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 4:45 PM
      To: editplus@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [edit+] Re: Can we write multiple lines at the same time

      I personally have two crucial macros that I use all the time. One is
      ALT+0 which will append whatever I have in my clipboard to the end of
      the current line and then move the cursor to the beginning of the next
      line. The other is ALT+9 which does the same for the beginning of a line.

      So if I have 4 lines like:

      I copy to my clipboard the text (with a space at the end):
      Hello world and Hello EditPlus users

      And position my cursor in front of James and press ALT+9. The macro
      (consisting of: CTRL+v, Home, Down) pastes the clipboard text in front
      of my line and leaves my cursor at the beginning of the next line. I
      just press ALT+9 4 times and I've got it. I never have to change this
      macro. If I needed to do it 150 times in a row, I can just
      Tools->Record->Playback Multiple and select Macro 9 and enter 150.

      These combined with other permanent macros I have, have become by
      lifeline. I have one which converts a line of HTML code to php printed
      code escaping all double quotes. I also have a macro which converts
      that back. I keep all my permanent macros above 5 and all the ones I
      recreate for each project below. Beautiful system if you ask me. ;o)

      P.S. My other useful tool would be the line comment which I set up a
      keyboard shortcut as CTRL+ALT+C. Then you just highlight the lines,
      press CTRL+ALT+C and enter the text you want to pre pend to each line.

      Dean Householder

      Michael L. Jones wrote:

      >Cool. I learned two things about EditPlus that I didn't know
      >yesterday. My estimate of the percentage of the functionality that I
      >know about keeps goes down <g>. Some of you guys must be really
      >heavy-duty users.
      >--- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, "dogscogs2001" <ben@d...> wrote:
      >>Yes you can... if you select the first character on all the lines
      >>with column select, and then right click, and choose format->fill
      >>column and then type what you want to appear in front there and
      >>ok... that should do what you want it to do.
      >>P.S alternatively you could select all lines, right click and
      >>comment lines, and then type the phrase you want to appear at the
      >>beginning of the lines.
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