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2594Re: [edit+] New member and a question.

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  • DZ-Jay
    Apr 21, 2004
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      Ravi/Shell-Shocked wrote:

      >>To answer your question: Yes, EditPlus 2.12 is currently in
      >>beta testing. This week a Release Candidate was distributed to
      >>beta testers. Among the new features included are (taken from
      >>the What's New section in the help file):
      > I'm a little confused by something. My understanding was that if
      > someone wanted to become a beta tester, they had to first buy
      > Editplus, and then contact the author about it.

      Yes. AFAIK, the author started a beta program a couple of years ago. I
      do not know if he is still taking new testers.

      > Is this supposed to be the only way to get Editplus 2.12?

      No! If you see my previous message, I mentioned that the "Release
      Candidate" (RC) was distributed to beta testers, so the poster can
      expect an official release soon. The RC version is not distributed
      publicly -- it is not the final release; it is just one (of probably
      many) release that looks good and stable enough to become the final
      release. But it still requires testing, hence the distribution to beta

      So I guess the long answer to your question is: At the moment, while
      still in beta status, the only way to acquire EditPlus 2.12 is to be (or
      become) a beta tester, until it is released officially in the
      EditPlus.com web site.

      > And isn't a beta tester supposed to promise not to redistribute
      > the betas?

      You are right, and I never meant to imply that I was distributing the
      beta version, or that I just "found" it somewhere in the Internet. I am
      part of the Beta Testers program of EditPlus, so I have the latest beta
      to test it. I posted the feature list so that the original poster, and
      other list subscribers who are waiting for the new release, know what to

      > If that's true, then why are Editplus betas widely downloadable?

      AFAIK, EditPlus betas are only "widely downloadable" among beta testers,
      which, AFAIK, must still be registered users. Believe it or not, most
      (if not all) beta testers actually test the program and report bugs.

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