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2592Re: [edit+] New member and a question.

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  • DZ-Jay
    Apr 21, 2004
      Andy Benz wrote:

      > Just saying 'Hi!" as a new member of the group. Also, a question I have had
      > for awhile is: Does anyone know if there will ever be a new version of
      > EditPlus? There's not really anything specific that I want out of it, but
      > I'm just curious.

      Welcome Andy!

      To answer your question: Yes, EditPlus 2.12 is currently in beta
      testing. This week a Release Candidate was distributed to beta testers.
      Among the new features included are (taken from the What's New section
      in the help file):

      * 'Use font language for Unicode and IME conversion' option
      * Syntax highlighting for C/C++ numbers.
      * Syntax highlighting for C#.
      * 'Current file directory' option (Find in Files).
      * 'Matching Brace' option for displaying of matching brace (View menu).
      * 'Set Marker' button on the Find dialog box.
      * 'Cut/Copy/Delete Marked Lines' command (Edit->Others).
      * 'File Path Name' command (Edit->Insert).
      * Color Picker displays selected color code in current document.

      * Recent Directory command (Directory Window).
      * 'Files of type' option on Open Remote dialog box.
      * 'Always apply word wrap' option (Preferences->Print).
      * Toolbar buttons for 'Sort', 'Save As', 'Line Comment/Uncomment', 'Line
      * 'Paste as Column' command (Edit->Others).
      * Displays server name in the remote file path.

      And many bug fixes!

      So expect an official release soon :)

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