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2190Re: Java Code Completion

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  • Michael L. Jones
    Sep 17, 2003
      I don't think so, but I might be wrong.

      The following is not directed to you personally. I just need to vent.

      Not to knock EditPlus, or the people posting the messages, but it
      seems there are a lot of messages in which people are trying to push
      EditPlus beyond what appears to be its developer's intention.

      I use Edit Plus as a general text editor and for some lightweight
      coding (HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, etc.). I'm getting more into Java
      over time, and there is no way that EditPlus can compete with tools
      like JEdit, Eclipse, or NetBeans for Java development. All are free
      and have the code completion capability you seek, plus many more

      I'm sure that there are other alternatives. These are just ones that
      I've used.

      Granted, they are all much "heavier" than EditPlus, particularly
      Eclipse and NetBeans, but that's what it takes to provide the
      functionality a lot of people are seeking. All have a "plugin"
      architecture that EditPlus lacks, which allows them to do almost
      anything, depending on how well they architected their plugin API.

      Speaking for myself, not Sangil Kim: It seems that EditPlus would
      have to be totally rebuilt to compete. Why would he do that when his
      competition is giving away their "product" free?

      As others have expressed previously, I'd rather see EditPlus
      stay "light" and use something else for the more specialized stuff.

      --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, "Dan Anderson" <ds_anderson@y...>
      > Anyone know if there is any way to incorporate Java code completion
      > features into EditPlus? It would be nice to setup a user tool that
      > worked somthing like...
      > 1. select java code to complete (e.g. "myString.")
      > 2. run some sort of tool
      > 3. list of possible completions displayed in output window such
      > charAt(int index)
      > compareTo(Object o)
      > compareTo(String anotherString)
      > ...
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