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13We are now linked on the EditPlus website!

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  • ~ John ~
    Aug 30, 2001
      Good News! The EditPlus group now has a link on the EditPlus website!

      (thanks for the suggestion DAI)

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      From: "DAI" <dais_woodshed@...>
      To: <editplus@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 1:47 PM
      Subject: [editplus] ESCAPADE USIN GUI'S

      > Here is an example of a site made with Escapde that uses a GUI.
      > http://www.escapages.com/ttg.html
      > This is a working demo of a live site that is 100% owner maintained.
      > Past
      > the index.html page of the live site, every word of text that you see
      > on the
      > screen comes from a database that the owner controls.
      > Feel free to play with it all you like. It's a demo we show to
      > clients. It
      > is live, populating from the database, right up until the UPDATE,
      > INSERT, or
      > DELETE commands, which have been disabled for the demo (of course!!)
      > The instruction page is blank currently (that big white screen you
      > see), but
      > it's pretty simple. Click on a section from the top menu and a
      > second level
      > menu opens underneath. Click on one of the second level links and
      > that
      > particular data opens. From there, it should be self-explanatory.
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