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1250Re: [edit+] PHP Parsing with EditPlus

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  • ybilik
    Oct 31, 2002
      You can customize the output debug in order to jump to lines
      containing errors:
      - in the user tools preferences, for the tool that launch "php.exe -
      l", check the box "capture output"
      - now click "output pattern"
      - uncheck "use default output pattern"
      - copy the following line in the regular expression editbox:
      - now choose "Tagged expression 1" for File Name, and "Tagged
      expression2" for Line (leave the other one to "None")
      - confirm with OK (twice)

      Now, when running the user-tool, double-clicking on an error in the
      output window will move the cursor in the edit window to the
      corresponding line.

      Rem: I don't know if php output messages have the same format or if
      it depends on the php.exe version. On my computer, it looks like this:
      <b>Parse error</b>: parse error, unexpected T_MINUS_EQUAL in
      <b>myfile.php</b> on line <b>8</b><br />
      The regular expression I wrote above matchs this format.


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