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1245RE: [edit+] PHP Parsing with EditPlus

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  • Lars Schinkel
    Oct 30 11:36 AM
      Yes! (Don't mean that I knew that!)

      Thats exactly what I want!

      You see I'm new to programming PHP. New to Programming whatever.
      But EditPlus seams to be very comfortable to configure as you like
      to work with.

      I "just" typed -1 insted of -l and saw what the options for php.exe.
      I thank you for this feedback. This is why I like to communicate
      with users around our planet.

      You reached Lars in Hannover (English write Hanover) Expo City 2000.

      >Yep and did you know that if you call php using php -l you can check
      >your files files for syntax errors? :)
      >Saved me a lot of time, I just debug the files directly and redirect the
      >output to the output windows shows data including line numbers and
      >of error.
      >This only works for syntax errors btw.
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