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1243PHP Parsing with EditPlus

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  • uortim2000
    Oct 30, 2002
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      I just found a way to parse PHP Files with EditPlus.
      It may help you too, so here is the config description:

      1. Open "Preferences" under "Tools".
      2. Select "User Tools".

      3. Create a new "Group Name".
      4. Create a new Tool via "Add Tool",
      type something like "PHP Parser" in "Menu Text:",
      load the Path to the "PHP.exe" in "Command:",
      set "$(FilePath)" in "Argument:" and
      set "$(FileDir)" in "Initial Dyrectory:".

      Now you can start parsing PHP Files by holding "Ctrl+1" Keys.
      And all users that like EditPlus but don't know how to parse
      PHP files don't need other Tools to Debug PHP scripts.

      For Feedback: lars@...
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