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120Re: new version?

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  • gf_gollum@yahoo.co.uk
    Nov 2, 2001
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      --- In editplus@y..., "Gilles Reeves" <gilles.reeves@l...> wrote:
      > Mmmm.... I suppose you mean typing the UNC path into the "open" box
      or including it into the
      > project list ?
      > Ok, I can do that. But actually I wouldn't be able to only do
      that : I also want to be able to
      > BROWSE into the networked drive into the left pane directory !
      > Or did I miss something ?

      When I go to open a file - I have Network Neighbourhood listed in
      the "drive" selector box - from there I can browse any file anywhere.
      This may be a feature of 2.11 beta though?? (It also has an option to
      open files using many different character set convertors - which may
      address your other issues). I no longer have 2.10c - so I can't
      recall what has changed.
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