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114Re: new version?

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  • gilles.reeves@libertysurf.fr
    Nov 2, 2001
      --- In editplus@y..., gussopops@y... wrote:
      > It's not only about releasing new updates all the time! Don't wait
      > for new versions, unless you have good ideas for how a program
      > be better. New functions makes a program larger, slower and less
      > stable, so each new idea has to be deliberately planned and
      > implemented. If it adds too much in size or speed, then remove it.
      > Less is more. :-)


      I have some suggestion that would be very useful in my opinion.

      1) I would like EditPlus to have full network support: it is quite
      painful to have to assign a drive letter on each remote resource I
      want to use as I work almost always on remote drives (EditPlus being
      more practical than the editors I have on my Linux box... :-) ).
      2) Would it be possible to give the ability to - optionally -
      automatically go to a specific directory each time you select a
      projet ? This directory could also be a projet based home directory,
      with a specific command (ant/or icon) to go inside, and each project
      could also maintain a list of associated directories where you could
      go inside very quickly.
      2bis) The left pane could also have a "Project" section in addition
      to the "Directory" and "Cliptext" sections. I think I would prefer
      that to the menu based project list.
      3) The function list based on regular expressions is very useful.
      Anyway, I would like if it would be possible to NOT display the whole
      line each time, but rather selected part(s) - like only name - based
      on tagged expressions inside the regular expression itself. For
      example, you could, for each matched line, display a specific pattern
      like if the line was "search & replaced"; this specific pattern could
      include both constant strings and any tag from \1 to \9.
      Also it would be pratical to be able to sort this display on some
      4) Although the use of MS-Dos is getting more and more seldom, I
      would like to be able to edit files in DOS-OEM character set. I can
      of course already use the 'Terminal' font to display them properly,
      but if I want to modify them, I get mistakes each time I want to type
      letters with accents. This especially concerns non-English speakers
      like me ! .. A good way to do that would be to add a "MsDos-OEM" item
      to the "Document"/"Encoding type" menu, so you could also quickly
      convert between OEM to Ansi/Latin-1 character set.
      4bis) By the way, why not also adding "Macintosh" and maybe "EBCDIC"
      items to the same menu ?

      I think none of these features would affect largely the size or the
      speed of EditPlus, but they would be very good extensions....

      Gilles Reeves
      (new user of this list but already abusively writing :-) )
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