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1056Syntax Highlighting Questions

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  • Richard Grevers
    Sep 1, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      I've recently tried (and registered!) Editplus because
      my partner in a cooperative coding project is using it.
      It's the first editor in 2 years that I've considered good
      enough to displace my old editor.

      I am trying to improve upon the syntax highlighting file
      for Mivascript, and have a few questions:

      1) Is there a means by which I can prevent highlighting
      of keywords when they appear outside tags <>

      2) Is there any means of changing the background colour of
      a single category of keywords? (I want to have miva macros
      and deprecated or proprietary HTML attributes really stand out)

      3) Is there any means of getting context-sensitive highlighting
      of an attribute?
      e.g. NAME is an attribute for both Miva and HTML - can I make it
      appear in the colour I've defined for miva attributes when it appears
      in a miva tag and in the HTML colour when it's an HTML attribute?

      So far, my one wishlist item would be a preview of images on the
      image insertion file select widget.

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