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1027matlab stx file

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  • pombuppa
    Aug 24, 2002
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      I have download matlab stx file from www.editplus.com. It seem to have
      a little bit bug in this file. It is a ' (quote sign).
      In matlab ' is used to define a string such as 'my text' and in addition it is
      also used as the transport matrix operator. My problem is when I wrote
      this line:
      s = sound'; % S(n) = s(n) - 0.95s(n-1)

      EditPlus see the second part
      '; % S(n) = s(n) - 0.95s(n-1)
      is a string( but it should be comment.)

      If I remove ' sign in stx file at #QUOTATION1 it will remove the string
      highlight also (that I don't want like this).

      Please tell me the correct way,thank you.