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"Healing Update" FIREWALK in Ky

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  • Linda Heller
    You can walk the hot coals of life.... Beyond Yonder Firewalks Beyond Yonder is conducting a fire walking seminar for our September Festival. Face your fears!
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      You can walk the hot coals of life....
      Beyond Yonder Firewalks
      Beyond Yonder is conducting a fire walking seminar for our September
      Face your fears! Manage and overcome the most primordially ingrained
      fear inherent in life forms on earth...
      Walk on Fire!
      Firewalking can reveal the key to breaking down barriers; mental,
      physical and social. The key to unlock the strength within you that
      is imprisoned by your learned fears.
      Firewalks can energize teams, organizations and individuals by making
      the impossible look possible.
      Firewalking is as much about a state of mind as it is about an action
      and the state of mind achieved for fire walking can show you and
      others how to go beyond the limits that appeared to be constraining
      You can develop shared bonds inspired by this singularly unusual
      process. Walk through fire!
      Individuals will have a wider view of their personal potential and
      will have an opportunity to overcome fear using time tested
      techniques. Walk through fire!
      Go a step farther than you thought you could. Find the inner strength
      that you always knew was there. Be the leader that you, your family
      and your company want you to be. Break your psychological and
      physical bonds through the mental discipline of firewalking.
      Register for your firewalk experience today by joining our group to
      keep informed of our Sept Gathering that is coming up.

      "Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves" , Mountain Herb Gathering
      Moonlight glances off hot stones passing thru the flap of the
      sweatlodge to begin The Talking Sticks' second round. Candlelight
      shimmers mingle with the twinkles of fireflies as they dance among
      the labryinth stones. Can you picture yourself here? If you're
      looking for a community of fun-loving, open-minded, environmentally-
      conscious, botanically-inclined, Mother Earth Lovers, then you've
      come home! Welcome. September 11th (for camping set-up) thru the 14th
      ( going home after noon closing ceremony) 2008, the hills and hollers
      will be alive with the sounds of laughter, healing, and positive
      energy. Alternative healers, environmental lovers of Mother Earth and
      diverse multicultural experts of Appalachian and Native American
      traditions. . This three-day camping event will take place
      in Confluence, Kentucky nestled in the majestic Appalachian
      Mountains. This vibrant young festival is just waiting to be
      discovered by one and all. Getting to this Gathering is better than
      an E Ride at Disney. If you enjoy pristine wilderness, beautiful
      Appalachian settings, and are wanting to get back to nature, come
      join us.
      Its that time of year again. Join the yahoo group below and prepare
      for the Gathering.
      I am holding a place for you. Please help by volunteering to teach,
      perform, or advertise.Linda

      Website: http://geocities.com/beyondyonderrd/festival


      EMAIL: beyondyonder@... 606-672-6444
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