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4Eyewitness account of 7 Colombian youth - URGENT & extremely important

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  • Kofi Law
    May 8, 2010

      Eyewitness account of 7 Colombian youth - URGENT & extremely important

      Details of this vivid audio message given to 7 Columbian youth, is just a click away!

      Just click on the links below OR copy link and paste in your browser;

      Revelation to 7 Columbian youth [Audio message, 20MB]:  http://www.pasgom.org/rapture/audio/7_Youths_Hell.mp3

      Also Revelation to Choo Thomas: and Mary Baxter, found here [Video]: http://www.pasgom.org/rapture/rapture.html

      It is very vital you listen to this audio and video with rapt attention.

      Most important: Forward this message to others, for one day, you may be asked what you did with this message.

      Please, DO NOT Ignore! Stay blessed

      If after listening to the above messages, you wish to secure your eternity, click: here: http://pasgom.org/salvation.html


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