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3Free audio & readable Bible - for circulation

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  • Kofi Law
    May 6, 2009

      Free audio & readable bibles – be part of this circulation

      Please, this message has 3 IMPORTANT links, for 3 separate items. They are;

      [A] READABLE & PRINTABLE BIBLE: [in PDF format]. This is for EASY reading, using zoom [magnification] on computer screen. SIZE of the file is 5.6 Mb. To download, simply click on this link; http://www.pasgom.org/bible/king_james-bible.pdf

      [B] AUDIO BIBLE: http://www.audiotreasure.com/indexKJV.htm


      [C] ETERNAL LIFE; http://www.pasgom.org/salvation.html

      STEPS INVOLVED for the audio Bible

      1.   Click on the link for audio Bible above

      2.   On the page that opens, look through the column, on the right side, and click on any book of your choice, for download.


      Organization of files

      3.   Create a folder and name it ‘BIBLE’

      4.   Save all the files, into the ‘BIBLE’ folder.


      Opening of files

      5.   First, Unzip the downloaded file, by right-clicking on the file, and then select ‘EXTRACT ALL’

      6.   Finally, look for, and open the unzipped file and listen to God’s word directly


      Automatic Replay or repeat

      7.   For continuous play of Bible, simply click on ‘PLAY’ at the top side of the media player, and select ‘repeat’.

      8.    To prevent random playing of the chapters, ensure you deselect (uncheck) ‘shuffle’, enabling sequential playing of chapters 1, 2, 3 etc,

      9.   NOTE: For each unzipped file, usually, there is a particular file that contains the ENTIRE chapters of that particular book; it is usually the file with the shortest name. Example, for the book of John, it is ‘43Joh’. Opening of such file, gives you access to all the chapters of Book of say, John.

      God bless.