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Kaspa the Lion Man

In the early 1930's British author C.T. Stoneham published two novels about a Tarzan-like character:  THE LION'S WAY and KASPA THE LION MAN.  The first was
Michael Taylor
Apr 25

7 new Earth-like exoplanets around itty-bitty star

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRAPPIST-1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRAPPIST-1 I posted this message in the wrong group. Well, here it is in the right
Mar 29

PulpFest 2017 Guest of Honor

With 2017 being the year that PulpFest celebrates the hardboiled dicks, dangerous dames, and psychos of the pulps, we’re very pleased to welcome as our Guest
Mike Chomko
Feb 28

Preliminary Schedule for PulpFest 2017

*PulpFest* is known for its great programming and the line-up that we’re planning for our 2017 convention is shaping up to be one of our best. The focus of
Mike Chomko
Jan 23

PulpFest Cyber Monday Sale

Are you planning to attend PulpFest 2017? Then now’s the time to register! From December 12 through January 8, both regular attendees and dealers who will be
Mike Chomko
Dec 13, 2016

PulpFest is Moving to Pittsburgh, PA

Over the last few months, the *PulpFest* organizing committee has been searching for a new venue. We’ve explored such cities as Indianapolis, Cincinnati,
Mike Chomko
Nov 16, 2016

Ted White Appearing at PulpFest 2016

In the spring of 1926, publisher Hugo Gernsback introduced AMAZING STORIES -- the first continuing science fiction magazine -- and signaled the separation of
Mike Chomko
Jun 20, 2016

PulpFest Hotel Sell-Out

PulpFest's host hotel, the Hyatt Regency, is sold out for the nights of July 21 - 23. For those members who will now have to stay elsewhere, we’d like to
Mike Chomko
Jun 13, 2016

Daily PulpFest Post

Beginning on Monday, June 6, PulpFest will have at least one post every weekday, Monday through Friday, largely profiling our programming for this year's
Mike Chomko
Jun 7, 2016

2016 Munsey Award Nominees

The PulpFest Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that ten individuals have been nominated by their peers for the 2016 Munsey Award. This annual award
Mike Chomko
May 27, 2016

Mike Ashley's "The AMAZING Story" Concludes Today

Mike Ashley's decade-by-decade history of the first continuing science fiction magazine concludes today with a look at "The FANTASTIC Elinor Mavor & the TSR
Mike Chomko
Mar 10, 2016

Re: Under the Green Star

Thanks. The first two pages of a chapter, and the princess is described. What couple of pages to be missing! But, I've read them now.
Mar 2, 2016

Re: Under the Green Star

Duly noted! Steve S. ... From: richard johnson rikjohnson39@... [edgarriceburroughs] To: Edgar-Rice-burroughs
Mar 2, 2016

Re: Under the Green Star

pdf on the way On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 12:58 PM, sailor.barsoom@... ... -- Rick Johnson http://Rick-Johnson.webs.com "Those who give up a little freedom
richard johnson
Mar 2, 2016

Re: Under the Green Star

I will scan and e-mail the two pages tomorrow (Thursday). Steve S. ... From: sailor.barsoom@... [edgarriceburroughs]
Mar 2, 2016
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