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  • Joe Hexler
    (http://www.usaindy.com) Check it out!!!............... Curious of the other products out there besides what the WWE has to offer? Ever wonder where the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2002
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      (http://www.usaindy.com) Check it

      Curious of the other products out there besides what
      the WWE has to offer? Ever wonder where the
      superstars of the WWE start their careers before
      entering the WWE? As hard as it may be for some
      to believe, there are over 400 wrestling promotions in
      the U.S. alone, and over 2,000+ workers.
      Chances are somewhere in the U.S. a handful of shows
      featuring young, athletic hungry stars of
      the future are taking place. I'm talking about the
      Independents. The Indies provide those
      hardcore fans the oppurtunity to see wrestlers of WWE,
      WCW & ECW fame, and stars that have been
      making names for themselves on the indies for years,
      and those waiting to make a name for themselves.

      The Indies are always showcased in bad light. WWE and
      Pro Wrestling Magazines so often refer to
      the indies as the Minor leagues of Professional
      Wrestling. But wrestling is like no other sport.
      Politics and an overly crowded roster of talent has
      meant many stars much deserving to reach the
      bigtime will have to wait until the WWE opens up their
      eyes. Or until another promotion with an
      investor worth a few million decide to take a chance.

      But that is all going to change now. I want to provide
      you, the fans, with alternatives to the WWE.
      The amount of talent that the Indies provide is
      uncanny, and many promotions put on very good shows,
      but don't have the financial backing of Andrew
      McManus, Vince McMahon or Ted Turner. The indies
      provide everything you could want, and they always
      bust their ass, which is a lot more than
      can be said about the WWE superstars. In all honesty,
      with the exception of a few instances,
      the only true showcasing of talent is during WWE's
      PPV's. The independents provide no-nonsense
      wrestling, with a mixture of simple storylines &
      developing gimmicks.

      My website, USA! Indy Wrestling, is the pinnacle site
      for Independent Wrestling. Here you will find
      results from shows across the country; listings for
      upcoming shows; links to wrestlers,federations,
      indy news sites & tape vendors; news on the indies;
      columns from wrestling insiders, wrestlers
      themselves & respected reporters giving weekly columns
      on the happening of all the indies in
      their region of the U.S. I have even thrown in
      columnists covering the U.K., Australian, Canadian,
      African, Japanese, Mexican & Puerto Rican scene's to
      name a few; hundreds of biographies of
      workers across the country; federation & school
      spotlight showcasing the different federations &
      schools in depth; Interviews with top stars & former
      stars on the independents; live/tv reports;
      appearance & autograph schedules; media reports
      (newspaper, magazine, radio, tv) of the stars;
      merchandise listing for different federations,
      wrestlesr & indy tape vendors that you can view &
      possibly purchase; listings for TV & Radio Indy shows,
      and what I believe are the 2 prizes of USA! Indy-
      Live! Wrestling & The Feature!.

      Live! Wrestling provides Live PBP action of different
      federations. If a show is happening somewhere
      in the country, chances are you can catch the blow by
      blow on Live! Wrestling.

      The other section, The Feature! searches in depth at
      the Indies. Here you can take in depth looks
      at indy supercards; memorial events for stars that
      passed away; title histories of varios federations;
      mailing list reports of various promotions & workers;
      WWE Training camp which focuses on the workers
      who are invited each year to the WWE's training camp,
      which 1 or 2 stars is usually given a contract
      and assigned to one of the WWE's farm leagues, Ohio
      Valley Wrestling or Heartland Wrestling Association.
      WWE Future Spotlight, which focuses on those stars in
      OVW or HWA who are going to be brought up
      to the spotlight very soon; WWE eyes wide shut which
      focuses on talent the WWE seemed to have
      let slipped their eye; polls, USA! Indy Elite which
      comprises some of the best minds in the business
      ranking who they believe are the top tier for that
      month on the indies.

      Indy supercards will feature biographies on the
      competitors, results & pictures from previous events,
      and thoughts on the event from the workers & promoter
      themselves, including official quotes from
      those in the WWE. Memorial shows will also feature
      this information, but will also include fans
      thoughts on the worker, and a complete biography on
      those being remembered.

      If you follow the indies, than this is the site to
      watch. Updates are made everyday, at
      My hopes is that the Independents be given the proper
      spotlight they deserve. Too many times
      workers & promoters go unnoticed by the public, and
      when they are put into notice, are not given
      nearly as much coverage as the WWE and its superstars.
      If you are unfamiliar with the intense
      amount of action that goes on the independents, check
      out the site. With sinking ratings as of late,
      and obvious fan interest at an all time low, its about
      time the indies be brought into the limelight.
      I hope you enjoy the site, and hopefully the
      Independents can come together on a much larger scale.
      Take Care,
      Chris Glavin
      USA! Indy Wrestling (http://www.usaindy.com)

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