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  • Sk8z
    Tonight was the awesomest ECW show I have ever been to and hell I been to a PPV and I think that it was actually better then a PPV. Before the show I bought
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      Tonight was the awesomest ECW show I have ever been to and hell I been
      to a PPV and I think that it was actually better then a PPV. Before the
      show I bought the new van dam t-shirt and I am glad I bought it you will
      find out later on. This show had a bigger crowd then the last Trenton
      show and the people were way more into it. The card goes as follows. I
      will have pics up some time on monday if they came out good cus my
      camera was literally being a fucking dick..

      Chris Chetti Vs Skull Von Krush- Was a great match alot of heat from the
      crowd. Danny Doring and Roadkill came to the ring with Skull. Chetti hit
      his double jump moonsault then. TAZ's music started up and out comes
      TAZ. Beats up Roadkill, beats up Doring, beats up Skull, and beats the
      hell out of the ref. Then he picks up Chetti and says you know what. I
      am not going to let any one of you beat my cousins ass because I am
      going to do it. Suplex bam Chetti is down. TAZ does a promo for the PPV
      and he is out for the rest of the night.(winner: none)

      Tracey Smoothers vs Super Nova- Great match I really liked it. Not much
      to say about it because it was all technical stuff. Nova did a suicide
      dive on to big Sal E that is pretty much it.(winner: Super Nova)

      Steve Cornio Vs Tommy Dreamer- This match was funny. Cornio comes out
      and says that ECW has wrestling in it and that he has a virgin forehead,
      he don't like tables and he don't like chairs, and he ask that a real
      wrestler comes out WHICH brings tommy. Tommy is like i won't use a table
      I won't use a chair and this and that and he goes I swear to god and he
      crosses his fingers behind his back. So they start the match and they do
      some college wrestling then Dreamer gets down in the real wrestling
      stance where he is on all fours and Cornio goes to back as if he were
      gay and tommy moves away and takes the mic and goes what the hell do you
      think your doing I am not like that. So then cornio gets pissed and he
      gets down on all fours and wants tommy to do old fashio wrestling but
      instead he gets tommy going on the mic and say what a fag I bet you suck
      cock, which leads to a you suck cock chant from the crowd. Very funny.
      They brawl out side for a while even going up in to the bleachers and
      when they come back in to the ring wild bill whiles trips tommy up and
      hits him with a chair. Bill and Cornio go to the back and get a ladder.
      Tommy does a baseball slide to hit the ladder in their face. Tommy then
      sets up the ladder in to the cornor and whipe bill in to it sending him
      to the out side then he does the same to cornio. Then he drops him face
      first on to the ladder and gets the pin. he celebrates by climing the
      ladder and sees some kind in the crowd that has a it's my birth day sign
      and he invites him in to ring side and he lets the kid climb the ladder
      and stuff which I though was pretty cool.(winner: Tommy Dreamer)

      Super Crazy and Little Guido Vs Tajiri and Antifaz Del Norte- What a
      great match. Tajiri vs Super Crazy alone would have been great but
      little guido and antifaz were also in the match great double teaming by
      both teams. Norte and Tajiri did double spring board planchas on Guido
      and Super crazy then Tajiri did a asia moonsault on to Crazy while in
      the ring Guido gets the pin. (winner Guido and Super Crazy)

      Intermission- Francine was signing autographs and after I got her
      autograph I got to play door blocker for atlas security oh what fun. =)
      I did how ever get a kiss from francine for doing my work.

      Lance Storm vs Jerry Lynn- This was a excellent match alot of highflying
      and stuff. I also got to see some of Tammy Lynn Bytch who I must add
      looks HOT as hell. I got alot of pics of her.. Surprisingly Lynn got the
      victory which is totally good for him going in to LD. I think that he
      actually has a chance of winning the TV gold. (winner: Jerry Lynn)

      Mustafa vs Spike- What can I saw about this match that there was no real
      match. Spike and Mustafa fought around a little bit. Good to see mustafa
      wrestle the next thing you know spike hits the acid drop and it brings
      out the dudley's. The give him 3d and the crowd begins to chant New
      Jack. Then Natural Born killaz comes on and all hell breaks loose. New
      Jack comes out with his barrel of weapons and when he throws it in and
      he is standing on the ring apron Joel gets the mic and says New Jack
      lets not wait til Ld so we can see you and mustafa fight hows about we
      do it tonight, but you have to get through the Dudley boys first. So New
      Jack runs at mustafa but the dudley's catch him then he gets my keyboard
      and BUSTS it over D-vons head. Then new jack used one of them things
      that they have at the hospital and he busts it over buh buh's head. Then
      he uses my friends foot ball helmat on Buh Buh and as he gets ready to
      get mustafa with a guitar the dudley's get him with the keyboard and
      they beat him down. Buh BUh is talking shit the whole time they are
      beating on him and the do a promo for Ld and then they challenge the
      World Tag team champs van dam and sabu. (winner: no contest)

      Shane Douglas Vs Justin Credible- This was a great match, it was one of
      the classics but i am going to talk about what happened at the end. Jazz
      gets in the ring and hits shane with a chair then francines spears her.
      Which brings out Lance Storm and Bytch. Justin gets the cane and Jason
      pulls shane to the ropes and he tells justin to cane him but francine
      gets in the ring and pulls him back so he motions that he is going to
      take a swing at her but doesn't and he gives shane a stiff cane shot to
      the eye. Then Jason tells him to do it again so he winds up but francine
      stops him and she falls to her knees and says don't so he motions to
      cane her but doesn't. So guess who pops out of no where as Justin is
      about to cane shane again??? THE JACKEL.. Yes the guy from the WWF. He
      tells justin not to hit shane cus he has been taking to much punishment
      but you should hit Francine because she hasn't be hurt tonight. So
      justin gets ready to take a swing at francine when Dreamer comes out and
      chases every one away. They all stand in the ring and the fans are
      screaming triple threat and they all put three fingers up and they go to
      the back. (winner: no contest)

      Sabu and Van Dam Vs The Dudleys-The match of the evening. Joel comes out
      and does his speel. "I am joel when you feel some thing against your
      asofogus you know I am hung like snuffelufagos Gertner" funny shit. Sabu
      and Van dam come out to huge pops. When Van Dam is by me I raise my
      t-shirt and he goes. Your cool and gives me a high five which almost
      kills me because every one is rushing to get a highfive. Any ways on to
      the match. What a match it was Sabu took the blunt of the first half and
      then they started brawling out side of the ring van dam even did a flip
      in to the crowd. Which made every one go insane. It was fucking awesome.
      Then the second half RVD took alot of punishment he was in there for
      over 10 min. Til tables were brought in the ring. Sabu put Buh Buh
      through a table cus D-von moved but he only got van daminated for his
      stupidity. RVD got the 1,2,3 and Fonsy was giving out peices of table to
      the fans.

      The card tonight was the best i have ever been to and I think that it
      was actually better then last year living dangerously. Oh well from here
      I got to this year living dangerously 2nd row =).. By the way a funny
      note there was a guy who had the sable playboy issue and he was showing
      to every one. Sabu got a kick out of it, so did van dam and fonsy..
      Every one wanted to see it. oh well see ya at LIVING DANGEROUSLY.

    • Sk8z
      P.s. I was lying about the kiss a boy can dream can t he.. I did get a thank you.
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        P.s. I was lying about the kiss a boy can dream can't he.. I did get a thank
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          << P.s. I was lying about the kiss a boy can dream can't he.. I did get a

          Well, at least you made it a realistic lie, and didn't say she let you feel
          her up or anything like that =]

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