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States Face Economic Crises, Only 3 May Survive without FAAC

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    Latest from the Factual, Authoritative and Accessible Economic Confidential magazine www.economicconfidential.com. Dont forget you may follow or join us on the
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      Latest from the Factual, Authoritative and Accessible Economic Confidential magazine www.economicconfidential.com. Dont forget you may follow or join us on the Facebook. just click on this: Friend.

      States Face Economic Crises, Only 3 States May Survive without FAAC
      President Goodluck Jonathan may soon face a serious challenge of satisfying weaker states that could not survive without monthly allocations from the Federation Account. With less than $5bn in the Excess Crude Account, many states in Nigeria may soon face financial crises due to the dwindling revenue from oil, reckless spending by some governments and deduction for JVC. The Economic Confidential gathered that only 3 states... READ

      Between Economic Profligacy and Performances - Finance Minister of State
      Over the past 10 years, the growth of discretionary spending by all tiers of government in this country outpaced the annual growth rate of the overall economy with deficits being the expected consequence. The production and price assumptions in the 2010 budget leave minimal headroom for adjustment and expose the economy to higher risks of exogenous shocks... READ

      Good Governance and Regulatory Leadership- SEC Boss
      Directors should not be members of Boards of Companies in the same industry to avoid conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality and misappropriation of corporate opportunity... Furthermore, the SEC had directed the Nigerian Stock Exchange ensure that  all publicly quoted companies  comply with the provisions to file their quarterly earnings forecast in line with provisions of the ISA. In the event of inability to fulfill the forecast the companies are expected to disclose to the exchange... READ

      Why are appropriate policies not adopted in Nigeria- Dr. Martin Oluba
      We need appropriate public policies. No doubt about it? They cushion or eliminate many of the challenges that we face. With many of such across the public sector decision-making terrain, many of our challenges as a country will inevitably be resolved. However, beside the fundamental issues pertaining to the adequacy and appropriateness of policy components and processes, concerns have revolved around the determination of the actual point where chances of unriddling the identified chain of Nigeria's problems are frustrated... READ

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