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(1) ethanol & biodiesel, (2) indigenous-resource issues, (3) climate change

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  • John Southalan
    Colleagues Material on the following topics: · Ethanol and biodiesel · Research on court interpretation of indigenous agreements · Mining &
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      Material on the following topics:

      ·   Ethanol and biodiesel

      ·   Research on court interpretation of indigenous agreements

      ·   Mining & environmental/indigenous issues

      ·   Integrating Climate Risks into Development

      ·   Accelerating Climate Change

      presented in the usual way below.


      I will be out of the office from 20 Dec 08 - 4 Jan 09. Best wishes to all for this time of year.







      Ethanol and biodiesel

      Parliament of New South Wales ( Australia )


      This is a short briefing paper about ethanol and biodiesel.


      ' Biofuels are fuels made from renewable biological feedstocks, either crops or waste. There are two main biofuels with commercial prospects in Australia : ethanol and biodiesel. These biofuels currently comprise less than 0.4% of the Australian automotive gasoline market.

      Biofuels are generally blended with petroleum – B5 is diesel containing 5% biodiesel; E10 is petrol containing 10% ethanol.'


      1 Introduction

      1.1 NSW Government Policy

      2 Ethanol

      2.1 Supply Issues

      2.2 Other Issues

      3 Biodiesel



      Indigenous-resource agreements

      Research on court interpretation of indigenous agreements

      Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law and Policy


      CEPMLP is undertaking research on how courts and tribunals interpret/apply documents involving indigenous parties (eg. treaties, impact & benefit agreements, petitions, land use agreements). An initial aim of this research is to have a database, freely available, identifying court/tribunal decisions with concise summaries of how each decision interpreted/applied agreements involving indigenous parties. Much of the work will be completed in the first half of 2009 and the database will be available then. However to give the widest use of the information as research progresses, and to invite your input as to what should be included, the lists of decisions/commentary to be read in constructing the database are available online. These lists can be accessed here:



      In the right margin of each page, the full list can be downloaded in excel format, if preferred. You are encouraged to browse these lists (which deal mainly with Canadian, Australian and New Zealand decisions - more research is needed for US material) and let me know of any additions you think should be made. Contact details on the website.



      Mining & environmental/indigenous issues

      Decision of the Federal Court of Australia: Lansen v Minister for Environment and Heritage


      This is the decision of an appeal court (the lower court's decision was posted and summarised on 19 Aug 08). The case deals with a mining company's proposal to change its (existing) underground mining operations to open-pit, and the validity of the government environmental assessment and approval of that change.

      The result is that the earlier government decision (approving the change in mining operations) has been ruled invalid and the relevant authorities have been ordered to consider the matter anew. The decision is very much focussed on the particular statutory scheme and procedural requirements, and the effect of irregularities on the subsequent government decision.



      Integrating Climate Risks into Development

      AdaptNet Policy Forum



      It is essential to ensure consistency between adaptation and development priorities. One of the key responses to achieve this is to integrate long-term climate risks into short and medium-term development policy decisions by mainstreaming measures for adaptation and adaptive capacity in development planning. There is no doubt that integration of climate risks into development is a crucial step in preparing and facing the challenge of climate change.  Especially in developing countries such as Sri Lanka , this will be of great importance for climate proofing development planning, assistance and implementation.



      Accelerating Climate Change

      Parliament of Victoria ( Australia )



      'An overview paper on global climate change, providing recent findings of research conducted by climate scientists world-wide. Key findings presented from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007 Fourth Assessment, and the subsequent work of climate scientists on carbon emissions, global surface temperatures and sea-level rise. An overview of impacts on Australia and Victoria is included.'


      Rio Tinto Research/Teaching Fellow

      Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law and Policy

      University  of  Dundee , Dundee , DD1 4HN , Scotland , UK

      T: +44(0)1382 388875        M: +44 (0)7873 869593

      F: +44(0)1382 385854        W: www.dundee.ac.uk/cepmlp/


      Join the Global Mining Law and Policy Forum "GLOMIN":



      The University of Dundee is a registered Scottish charity, No: SC015096

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