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Extractive Industries: Team Leader Position

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    Extractive Industries: Team Leader Position Our Organisation Adam Smith International (ASI) is a leading independent management consultancy firm that provides
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      Extractive Industries: Team Leader Position

      Our Organisation

      Adam Smith International (ASI) is a leading independent management consultancy firm that provides economic growth and government reform advice to a range of clients in the public, private and civil society sectors. Our aim is to apply our professional and consulting skills towards improving the quality of life for the citizens of countries facing the need for economic, political and social change. We have an international reputation for providing authoritative technical expertise, for being pragmatic, and committed to getting things done, often in the most difficult circumstances.

      In terms of our extractive industries practice, ASI works with clients to improve governance of the oil, gas and mining sectors, and to also help clients leverage investments in these sectors for broader economic and social development. We are accredited as an official validator of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), reflecting our strong commitment to good governance and transparent natural resource management. Our expertise in the extractive industries includes:


      1.   Legislative reform

      2.   Institutional Reform

      3.   Fiscal reform

      4.   Capacity building and communications

      5.   Technical services (geological survey, cadastral systems, environment)

      6.   Transparency and governance


      ASI's Extractive Industries practice has grown significantly over the past two years and partner clients include; DFID, The World Bank, Norwegian Government, AusAID, EBRD, GIZ, and WWF. Our work on extractive industries issues has involved a diverse set of countries including;


      ·         Afghanistan

      ·         Burundi

      ·         Cameroon

      ·         DRC

      ·         Ghana

      ·         Kazakhstan

      ·         Liberia

      ·         Mongolia

      ·         Mozambique

      ·         Nigeria

      ·         Pakistan

      ·         PNG

      ·         Rwanda

      ·         Sierra Leone

      ·         South Sudan

      ·         Tajikistan

      ·         Tanzania

      ·         Zambia

      ·         Zimbabwe

      The position

      ASI is now looking for a dynamic Team Leader to oversee a team of Managers and provide strategic direction and leadership in this growing work area. The Extractive Industry Team Leader will be expected to lead business development efforts, direct a portfolio of projects and to build relationships with key clients. This will require a strong understanding of extractive industries governance issues and a proven ability to lead. The Team Leader will be based in London but be expected to travel extensively in Africa and Asia. As a Principal Manager the Team Leader must be articulate, resourceful, professionally credible and well presented.

      Skills and experience required

      The EI Team Leader should have the ability to build effective relationships with clients from a wide range of professional and cultural backgrounds, and to work effectively in politically sensitive and challenging environments. He/she should relish working in a team, should be innovative, energetic, and genuinely committed to achieving lasting, positive change in their work. He/She should have at least a majority of the characteristics listed below;


      ·         have excellent professional track record and at least ten years' experience in economic or government reform subject areas;

      ·         have a strong technical understanding of extractive industries governance issues;

      ·         have a substantial track record of working in teams implementing development agency funded projects, including complex, policy level, and institutional strengthening projects;

      ·         have experience with a major international consultancy company;

      ·         be thoroughly familiar with emerging, and up-to-date techniques used in the identification, development, and implementation of development projects;

      ·         have a good knowledge of the main development agencies, including DFID, World Bank, AusAID, and the other bilateral agencies; have a good understanding of their changing needs; and have good contacts in a number of those agencies;

      ·         have experience of working in an organisation which operates internationally and for an international group of clients;

      ·         experience of development projects work in a number of the following regions; sub-Saharan Africa, the Central and South Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific and post-conflict countries in particular;

      ·         be familiar with financial management and control of international development projects and be able to reliably achieve the desired financial objectives for such projects; and

      ·         be experienced in setting clear team goals and leading effectively, encouraging debate, cultivating key stakeholder relationships, and assess & manages risk.


      Candidates with a network and established relationships within the extractive industries governance work area will be given preference.


      How to apply

      Applicants should submit their CVs and a covering letter to extractives@...


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