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Climate Change Science Conflicts and Plurarlism - The Subtext at Par

Greetings Ecominerals friends, As the Paris Climate change summit opens tomorrow, I have just posted my thoughts on climate change science and politics for
    Saleem Ali
    Nov 29
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    New Global Coal Atlas!

    From: Rebecca Bertram [mailto:Rebecca.Bertram@...] Sent: Thursday, 19 November 2015 12:12 AM To: Rebecca Bertram Subject: New Global Coal Atlas!
    Saleem Ali
    Nov 25
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    Community Health and Shale Development Guidebook

    From: Stephen D'Esposito [mailto:sdesposito@...] Sent: Saturday, 14 November 2015 6:01 AM To: Stephen D'Esposito Cc: Dana
    Saleem Ali
    Nov 25

    Rwanda says it is a conflict-free mineral country and should be cons

    This statement was sent around today by Rwanda government. Having done some research in Rwanda, there is much to be impressed about the country. However,
      Saleem Ali
      Nov 19
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      RCS Global progresses work on the IGF ASM Management Guidance

      RCS Global’s collaboration with the Inter-Governmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) in developing the IGF Guidance for
      Nov 18

      Re: Samarco tailings dam tragedy in Brazil

      Dear Gavin Living and learning - sometimes - right ? The paper I mentioned bellow gives some clues on the number of TD that are in the "red zone" ! In the case
      Nov 16

      new report: CSRM review of PJV resettlement pilot

      Dear ecominerals colleagues, Following a strategic review of relocation activities at the Porgera mine from 1988 to 2013, Barrick PJV developed a framework for
      Deanna Kemp
      Nov 16

      Re: Samarco tailings dam tragedy in Brazil [1 Attachment]

      Beautifully and eloquently said Roberto ! It has been very curious that almost all the Australian media refers almost exclusively to BHP Billiton, yet it is a
      Gavin Mudd
      Nov 14

      Re: Samarco tailings dam tragedy in Brazil

      Dear Saleem, colleagues and friends : 1.- Do not worry, Saleem, for the negative " media furor" arousal on your first comments on the Samarco´s TD failures !
      Nov 13
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      Brazil disaster - article for The Conversation

      My article with more detailed analysis thus far on Brazil tragedy for The Conversation
        Saleem Ali
        Nov 12
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        2015 Wrap up for responsible sourcing and conflict minerals

        We recently started a series of gossip calls with one of our clients – swapping stories from responsible sourcing before getting down to business. It’s
        Nov 12

        Samarco tailings dam tragedy in Brazil

        Greetings colleagues The tragedy in Brazil with the tailings dam failure has led to a series of articles online. I was asked to give a few impromptu
          Saleem Ali
          Nov 9
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          US Presidential Memorandum on "Land-scale" Plans for Large-Scale Dev

          From: Stephen D'Esposito [mailto:sdesposito@...] Sent: Thursday, 5 November 2015 8:40 AM To: Stephen D'Esposito Cc: Alisha Sunderji Subject: US
            Saleem Ali
            Nov 7
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            Re: Digest Number 1363

            Hi Saleem, Regarding your comment on supposed development options in El Salvador being limited by drug-linked gang warfare as some sort of motivation for
            Jen Moore
            Nov 7

            Mining and Communities 2016 Conference - Call for Abstracts

            Mining and Communities Solutions 2016 Conference June 6-8, 2016, Vancouver, Canada Organized by InfoMine and University of British Columbia (UBC) Conference
            Nov 7
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