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  • Sharon
    ... Love it!!! Wow, I d like to get whatever he s been smoking! But my lungs can t deal with it anymore, a few times a year I ll run into some, try but
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2013
      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "etznab18" <etznab@...> wrote:
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgO4KIOtVBM

      Love it!!! Wow, I'd like to get whatever he's been smoking! But my lungs can't deal with it anymore, a few times a year I'll run into some, try but can't deal with it - and one of the very few regrets of my life was that I stopped smoking herb when I was an eckist.

      Except once- I think I was a 3rd, went back to school in my 40's & was standing in line with hundreds of young kids in registration, well as a mom I'm always scanning the floor & picking up trash, and OMG there on the floor was a little rolled-up baggie! Beautiful golden herb with purple streaks - well, I held it up and yelled "Did someone drop this?" I got some horrified & embarrassed looks, but no response.

      The "teachings" were very clear - no drugs. I didn't know what to do - couldn't throw it out (wasteful), couldn't sell it or give it away (harming others, creating karma). I'd been having a heck of a time sleeping, overwhelmed with studying & real life & being a mom, etc. I was exhausted, and herb always helped me sleep. I talked to the HI about it - was this a gift from Suggie, a test from the Mahanta, or a temptation from the Kal?

      Well, I ended up taking a year off my membership, I think I even wrote a "confession" to MN, and I smoked it. I seriously did need a break from "the eck" but taking an official break didn't help, "it" was always there, all the "spiritual" stuff, light & sound & dreams. Which sort of annoyed me. I honestly *did* want a year away from it, but I didn't get it. But, I did get some very excellent sleep!

      Anyway, I haven't been here at ET since the last time I was here, over a week ago, to be honest I have almost no interest in it and no room for garbage like ekult in my life anymore. When I got here today, I was trying to read whatever's been posted since my last visit, got lost in some older stuff, since Yahoo also does the "threaded" thing I get confused, but ran into an old post from Liz (who I know is also happily busy & eck-free with life, but if you happen to read this which I doubt, Hi Liz, hope you've got more grandkids now like I do!) and she'd written:

      "The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in ordinary things."

      As an eckist, I truly did think life was extraordinary - it was only after I got out and got defogged and unecked that I realized OMG, I'd been living in a tiny little box, seeing everything thru eckbluelenses that were actually opaque! When I was getting out, sometimes I'd write that "the eck" was something brown & yukky that you don't want to step in. And that's truly how I feel about it, even just coming here to ET or reading the emails makes me feel dirty & unpleasant, and I just want to go take a long hot shower!

      Anyway, excuse any typos but I'm not good at proofreading, and I'm not quite used to this little netbook's smaller keyboard, I lose the cursor in the middle of typing so things end up in the wrong place and I can't find them again, and sometimes all I've typed just disappears.

      And speaking of not being able to find things, Etznab, I was looking for your poetry not long ago but couldn't find it! It's fascinating, you're so organized & "technical" and all that neat stuff, but you can still be creative!

      And while I'm here, I'm not going to start another post - Alf, my dear friend, after reading your last post I spent several hours lost in memories, OMG do we have one heck of a history, or what? Yeah, it's been a long time - but hey, this summer you absolutely must take a short trip to the Poconos when I'm at my son's, spend the weekend around the bonfire, cooking hot dogs on sticks over the hot coals (the only way to cook hot dogs!), bring your guitar, and hey, when was the last time you were on a trampoline? Hopefully it won't be raining, and hopefully some of our interesting friends will turn up as they often do - you'll love it! And you can practice for your future grandkids with mine, they're awesome!

      Gotta go, and please everyone, THINK SNOW for central PA - just a foot or so would be great but more would be greater - I miss the stuff!


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