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Re: Changing My Head

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  • Keriokeeee
    I am sorry, but anything that sounds like Star Wars to me is just NOT something I can base my life belief on... The Force ... Every Thousand years ... that
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 23, 2012
      I am sorry, but anything that sounds like Star Wars to me is just NOT something I can base my life belief on... "The Force"... "Every Thousand years"... that is a convenient number as well... nice and round...

      Anyway, The original question I think is a good one. This person had based his percieved safety or protection on what he was told... He believed it, he "Felt" it. The thing is, what was he needing to be safe from? I was told, way back in early 80's Eck days... that we needed the eck master to keep us safe from all these evil spirits all around us, invisible, lingering, waiting for us to open up our selves to so they dive in and harm us, capture our soul as it were... So we better not "open the door" with the "Gate Keeper" there to protect us.

      If that is NOT a scare tactic to promote their plan of control, then what was?

      My answer being, you don't NEED the "Eck Master" to protect you, because for one, he never did. Because what they said you needing protection from, never was.

      Be happy. Live whole. Embrace all that you love and desire for your life to be a happy one. Don't fear others, seen or unseen. Fear is the only control that others have over you. Be they "eck" or otherwise.

      YOU are in control of you destiny, what you allow in and what you do NOT. If someone in your life is negative, your job sucks, you hate where you live... you don't need Eck or anyone else to fix this. Just change it. Leave it, or stop it.

      The whole thing is they did NOT have you protected or cared for... they tricked you into thinking you NEEDED it... so of course you felt safe... you were. And still are. With or without them. YOU keep YOU safe.

      Sorry for the ramble! :) Keri

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, David Osborn <panfluteman2000@...> wrote:
      > Very interesting insight, and deductive detective work into Ekcult and how it evolved!  Most people don't stop to ponder the little logical details that are right there, hidden between the lines, yet there for all to see.  I suppose that Twitch tried to cover his tracks as to his predecessors and who he modeled things on and took from, but he wasn't absolutely complete and thorough about it, as your research and clever deductions prove.  But what the heck, Twitch reasoned, most people probably won't take the time or have the deductive insight that you did.  Good job!
      > David 
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      > Date: Friday, March 9, 2012, 12:00 PM
      > Note the last sentence in this paragraph.
      > "Every thousand years a great spiritual teacher comes to this earth to
      > revitalize it! He pours out a powerful ray of positive spiritual force
      > which carries through to all living things and once again the power is
      > predominate over all things! Life blooms, a strong religious trend
      > springs up again, but it goes through a cycle and once again dies away,
      > but is caught up at the end of its cycle by another spiritual messenger
      > who carries the force again to this world. The power is there and all
      > things are made new again! I don't know who is the present true master
      > here now, nor do I know who was the past."
      > - Letters to Gail, Vol. 2, p. 156 (July 12th, 1963 letter), by Paul
      > Twitchell.
      > Why no mention of The Mahanta, or The Living Eck Master? Because the
      > terms weren't popular until 1968-1969? Probably so.
      > Why no mention of Rebazar Tarzs? (I don't think his name appears even
      > once in LTG Vol. 2.) Is it because Paul Twitchell was in touch with
      > Kirpal Singh? And took Gail to get initiated by him - not Rebazar Tarzs
      > - later that year?
      > How could Paul say he didn't know who was the present true master and
      > didn't know who was the past? If his stories about Sudar Singh and
      > Rebazar Tarzs were true then wouldn't he mention them?
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      > Subject: [eckankartruth] Re: Changing My Head
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      > >
      > You holding out for a "world teacher" is just vestiges of Eckankar
      > which still permeate your "inner landscape". I wouldn't put too much
      > credence in a living human who has the power to help you through life
      > however I do believe there is a God and all you can do is put yourself
      > in its path. That means a God of your understanding. It can be anything
      > you want as long as it is not you. Self-seeking and self-importance are
      > hallmarks of this cult. New Age religion like Eckankar fosters
      > entitlement to know God through Harold Klemp. He is only flesh and
      > blood and possesses no spiritual power over you. Just relax, take it
      > easy and pray for God to come into your life.
      > > Then, I began to look at and I am confilcted here with the idea of
      > the
      > > Mahanta/Inner Master. I hold out that there is a World Teacher. I
      > don't know who
      > > this is. When I let go of my worries and concerns in the past I
      > have created a
      > > reality where I invite the Inner Master in and then feel the
      > protection. Now I
      > > am thinking that some of this phenomonum is the result of the
      > power of the Group
      > > Conscoussness. But it is such a part of my inner landscape. I
      > don't want to
      > > totally undo what has been working so well but Yet I am challenged
      > by the need
      > > to be merciless in sincerely tracking what I have created in my
      > being.
      > >
      > > I think that this "reworking the programming" is a bit harder than
      > I first
      > > realized.
      > >
      > > I would like to hear how other's have handled this.
      > >
      > > With Love,
      > >
      > > Brother Russ
      > >
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