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Re: Omnec Onec, Eckankar etc.

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  • Keriokeeee
    The main thing I see wrong is that I believe it was established in 1965? not 68? I would check into that to be sure. Something I also find interesting and no
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 29, 2012
      The main thing I see wrong is that I believe it was established in 1965? not 68? I would check into that to be sure.

      Something I also find interesting and no one is talking about is not only did his successor take over as Eck Master, he took over his WIFE too when Paul died... Supposedly, Paul came to them after he died, in the dream state of course, and said "Darwin, you the man!" and gave him his business, his power and even his WIFE!

      Then, Darwin was kicked out for embezzlement… how does the Spiritual leader, the hire and fire guy, get kicked out? Must have messed up big time… and where did "Harold" come from… did Paul show up in another dream? If he got it wrong the first time he handed down the sword, why is it he is so right this time? Did Harold get his wife too? I would like to see something written about this as well. Personally that is… it seems like Darwin didn't exist. Even on the anti-Eck sites, he is rarely even mentioned much less the details of his leaving...

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, <krazykraut@...> wrote:
      > Dear group,
      > recently I stumbled upon a certain "Omnec Onec", a woman form the US who
      > claims she ist literally from Venus. She is associated with Eckankar, so I
      > did some research on them, too. The german wikipedia article is very much
      > in favour of Eckankar, leaving out critizism almost completely. So I began
      > writing up a critical articel for http://www.esowatch.com , a critical
      > network on new age and cults. I attach the article here and look forward
      > to your critizism.
      > I am especially interested in english references, I found only a german
      > site so far.
      > Thank you!
      > KrazyKraut
      > --------------------------------------------------
      > History
      > Eckankar is a cult founded 1968 by Paul Twitchell. Before founding
      > Eckankar, he lived in Ashrams with Kirpal Singh
      > where he was kicked out after a fistfight with another member. Later, he
      > studied a certain Kirpal Singh, Master
      > of "Sant Mat", the teachings of Radhasoami and Ruhani Satsang.
      > Despite being influenced be eastern spirituality, Twitchell never visited
      > India before founding Eckankar. Some time after
      > founding Eckankar, Twitchells relations to Kirpal Singh deteriorated and
      > he claimed he never accepted him as master. This happened
      > because Twitchell send Singh his manuscript "The Tiger's Fang" to get
      > Sings approval, which he did not get.
      > Twitchell also studied Scientology and became a clear. For some time he
      > had the support of L. Ron Hubbard, and it is
      > claimed he copied several Scientology techniques.[1]
      > Twitchells founding scriptures of Eckankar are plagiarized from other
      > esoteric sources, just changing names
      > in the progress. This is a taboo amongst cult members and never talked
      > about, as reported by former members.
      > Sources include Hubbard, Blavatsky and eastern mystics. [2]
      > The current "Living ECK Master" (LEM), "Mahanta", "Outer Master", "Inner
      > Master" and "Dream Master" is a Harold Klemp.
      > Doctrine
      > Eckankar is hierarchically organized, with the Eckmaster at the top, who
      > has the sole authority to hire and fire Board members.
      > Disciples are told that Eckankar is the sole path to god and that leaving
      > Eckankar is detrimental to their Karma [3]. There are
      > reports of members spending substantial amounts of money on teachings,
      > cult material and travel expenses. Eckists are encouraged
      > to spend their own money upon vahana/missionary advertising efforts and
      > materials and this can add up to a substansial amount when
      > including gas and other incidentals. The annual "donation" of the EK
      > Membership Fee is required. Eckists are also encouraged to
      > name Eckankar, in their Will, as a beneficiary. Service, with time and
      > coin, and Silence, from questions and criticisms, are
      > the mainstays of Klemp's Eckankar.
      > Web resources
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous/
      > References
      > [1] http://www.eckist.info/doku/paul.htm
      > [2] http://www.eckist.info/doku/plagiarismus.htm
      > [3] http://www.eckist.info/doku/furcht.htm
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