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Klemp's Mahanta Delusion and More!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, It s interesting that Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of Eckankar, will make third person statements such as, The Mahanta will steer you in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2011
      Hello All,
      It's interesting that Harold
      Klemp, spiritual leader of
      Eckankar, will make third
      person statements such as,
      "The Mahanta will steer you
      in the right direction if you
      let him." Then, of course,
      he'll tell a story that some
      trusting follower snail mailed
      to him about how he/she
      came to need Klemp. If it
      wasn't for the U.S. Post Office
      there would be little to no
      (actual) communication with
      Klemp and his deluded followers
      except, of course, in their
      dreams. But, that's because
      HK has programmed chelas
      to think and dream of him
      constantly and to call upon
      him (the Mahanta) for even
      mundane decisions and daily
      needs! The Parking Space
      Angel is pissed!

      Anyway, Klemp will say things
      like, "... the Mahanta, the Living
      ECK Master (LEM) had made a
      point about paying for Karma
      as it came up." This is said in
      order to tie the "outer" LEM, Klemp,
      to the "inner" Mahanta (Consciousness).

      Isn't it strange, if one uses logic
      and common sense and really thinks
      about it, as to why past fictional
      ECK Masters and "Full" Mahantas
      like Rebazar Tarzs no longer have
      the Mahanta Consciousness, only,
      because they are no longer Mahantas?
      Or do they? But why does Klemp
      associate and identify his Mahanta
      position to his own personality,
      as LEM, with its arrested social
      development? HK's finally become
      the B.M.O.C!

      Why can't these former Mahantas
      take over, or share, the chelas'
      spiritual "inner" growth? Besides,
      why do H.I.s really need an "outer"
      Physical Plane Master (Klemp) who
      simply repeats or points out the
      obvious in his simple minded stories
      which fine tune chelas' testimonials
      for the 5,000, or so, glassy-eyed
      introverted faithful (current paid

      That's another interesting factor.

      The extroverted members of
      Eckankar, usually, have the Higher
      Initiations. Or, are they "pretending"
      to be extroverted? There's a lot
      of pretending taking place in

      I can see the passing of the Rod
      of ECK Power myth/lie for the
      leadership of Eckankar, but what's
      that have to do with being the
      boss over the "Ancient" Order of
      Vairagi ECK Masters? Nothing!
      Except, this "story" also solidifies
      the power of the LEM who inherited
      Twitchell's scam i.e. Eckankar.
      First, Gross, then and now, Klemp!
      Plus, it gives credence to the myth
      that there's an ancient linage in
      order to rewrite history using PT's
      twists. But, Twitchell didn't do
      anything that hasn't been done
      before... look at the Book of Mormon!

      Paul Twitchell needed an ancient
      lineage of invisible ECK Masters
      in order to create Rebazar to initiate
      him. This supposedly gave/gives
      Twitchell's words (EK Dogma) authority.

      However, Paul Twitchell (PT), and
      Harold Klemp (HK) slipped up on
      some time-lines.

      Twitchell, in the book "The Difficulties
      Of Becoming the Living ECK Master,"
      which contains June 1971 interviews,
      states that he was "almost 16 years
      old" when he went to India from Paris,
      for the "1st" time, (and with his sister
      Kay-Dee). This is when he was, supposedly,
      handed off by 970th LEM Sudar (a.k.a.
      Kirpal) Singh to Rebazar and, thus,
      PT received several more initiations
      (beyond the 2nd) from Rebazar.

      [PT was born in 1908, according
      to the copyright page of the 2000
      Combined Shariyats. (Also, it's been
      pointed out, and ECK Higher Initiate
      Doug Marman has confirmed it, that
      Paul's sister was actually studying
      art in Paris, Kentucky and not Paris,
      France. This was, yet, another misdirection
      and exaggeration by Twitchell]

      Harold Klemp (the LEM/Mahanta)
      has stated that at age 27 P.T. was
      "exaggerating" and "twisting facts"
      to get into Who's Who in Kentucky
      and that Twitchell (at that time)
      had "never been all that far from

      Later, supposedly (circa 1951) on
      a "2nd" trip to India, PT claims that
      Rebazar gave him more initiations
      and the final (12th) initiation. Klemp
      overlooks the time-lines and the
      fact that Twitchell (a proven liar
      pointed out by Klemp himself!)
      claims he went to India on a "2nd"
      trip to meet Rebazar.

      Plus, Doug Marman has verified
      the written evidence that Twitchell
      created the Mahanta title in January,
      1969. This is when Twitchell first
      mentions the Mahanta in two EK
      publications. If Twitchell was given
      the 12th Initiation (on a 2nd visit
      to India) in 1951 by Rebazar why
      wouldn't PT have known that
      Rebazar was the current "Mahanta?"

      The reasons that PT created the
      ultimate and highest Master title
      was for several reasons: He wanted
      to spite his former Ruhani Satsang
      Master, Kirpal Singh, who he had
      a fight with over The Tiger's Fang
      manuscript due to embellishments;
      there was a problem with a former
      member, John Rogers-Hinkle, using
      EK discourses to set-up his own
      religion; there was internal strife
      because Twitchell promised to step
      down after five years, but after
      Eckankar took off (1968) PT changed
      his mind; and let's not forget that
      Paul was a jokester and a narcissist
      with an inflated ego! Do you see it?
      Eckankar is a scam, a joke, a vocation,
      and a lie! None of these LEMs ever
      had a steady job before Eckankar!

      Therefore, Eckankar, the Religion of
      the Light and Sound of God (versus
      Sugmad their real "God"), is simply
      another religious crutch that is male
      run and controlled. It's filled with
      myth, lies and distortions. It requires
      one's desperate imagination to fill-in
      the blanks and supply hope. This
      fulfills the needs and desires of
      the, mostly, good natured followers.

      The ECK initiations are the carrot that
      is dangled in front of the mule (chela)
      that keeps the cart (Eckankar) slowly
      moving along on a narrow, bumpy,
      dirt road while the driver (Klemp) whistles
      the same merry little tune.

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