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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Sharon and All, That was a funny Klemp story. There are hundreds of them that make no sense if you believe HK s hype and PR. Remember the story where HK
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2011
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      Hello Sharon and All,
      That was a funny Klemp story. There are
      hundreds of them that make no sense
      if you believe HK's hype and PR.

      Remember the story where HK was working
      in his basement and was overcome with
      fumes from some paint thinner or something
      like that? There are Warnings on these cans
      that say, "Do Not Use In Areas Where Vapors
      Can Accumulate and Concentrate Such As
      Basements..." Why didn't Rebazar tell him
      to read the label or give him a "nudge?"
      Actually, one doesn't need a Mahanta to
      tell you things. Listen to Soul and/or use
      some common sense.

      It's almost "as if" Klemp doesn't have that
      "inner" communication with the ECK Hierarchy
      that he claims to have (as the Mahanta),
      and, thus, with his chelas and H.I.s! Plus,
      why wouldn't a really advanced person (with
      a higher than High consciousness) Not have
      a clue about using a dangerous chemical in
      a confined space? There are idiots abroad that
      are more "spiritually advanced" and self-aware
      than Klemp. If one believes that there really
      are such "Spiritual Masters" these stories give
      simple proof that Klemp was never one of them!

      Therefore, could it, also, be that Twitchell,
      Gross, and Klemp were never who or what
      they claimed to be in the first place? Now,
      that seems to be more logical and makes
      more sense! The only reason we once believed
      all of the crap in the first place is that we
      were "seekers" looking for something different.
      We were manipulated and duped into accepting
      the dogma with a grain of salt and to be
      skeptical. We were told to accept it until we
      could "prove it" to ourselves. Then, we were
      told that the "proof" was in our dreams i.e.
      on the "inner" because that's where the Inner
      Master (the Mahanta) did his thing and where
      Soul did It's thing. But, this is simply a mind
      trick because ideas were implanted into our
      subconscious minds.

      Plus, whatever happened to "As Above, So Below?"
      Where was the guidance and protection of/on
      not only the inner but the outer as well? And,
      why was it that everything needed restated,
      re-communicated, and validated via snail mail
      on the Outer? Let's face it, if Klemp Does Not
      verify a chela's inner or outer spiritual experiences
      then it didn't happen, was wrong, or was something
      else. HK needs to control everything, and especially
      the purse strings! There is no Spiritual Freedom
      in ECKankar and there never was.


      Sharon wrote:
      Tee-hee - Hey Alf, this reminded me of an old eckstory about Harold on moving
      day, he was upstairs in his office and the moving men were in the house, perhaps
      he was afraid to face the moving men because no doubt they were "real" men and
      not paranoid wimpy scrawny little woosies - anyway, he used the phone to call
      his wife downstairs!! Good grief!! I forget what highholey spirichul message
      this story had. Why didn't he just call his wife on the inner? Or come out of
      hiding & yell? Or just go downstairs???????????

      But you know, I have to disagree, not everyone wants to be at "the top" - in
      fact, I've always been a very happy underachiever, and one thing that made me
      uncomfy in ekult was they always seemed to be pushing, pushing, pushing...hu
      more, recruit more, etc....oh, as an eckist I hu'd plenty and felt I was just
      doing fine, but that's the thing....I was happy where I was, the "teachings"
      seemed to contradict all the "pushing". I felt sort of guilty, I could care
      less about more initiations - for one thing, there was no way in hell I was
      "that" good, according to the books!! I was realistic about myself. The
      descriptions of HIs - well, they made Mother Theresa look like low-life scum in
      comparison! Anyway, I just thought of Lurk, bless him wherever he is - once he
      sent me either the essay or the link, "Dare To Be Mediocre". Loved it!! I'd
      like to embroider & frame it...maybe one of these days. Anyway, sure it's great
      to be all you can be, but...I think you need to be realistic about yourself sort
      of, and be happy - not greedy, or in denial & afraid of yourself or something
      because you've got low self-esteem or something? To paraphrase RuPaul, how can
      you love others if you can't love yourself?

      Another thing that made no sense, when I read that he'd gotten a divorce because
      his wife couldn't handle his masterly "power flows". I wondered, how could he
      keep us chelas and the whole universe and beyond "balanced" when he couldn't do
      it for his wife, the mother of his child? And oh horrors, when I read he'd
      remarried not that long afterwards, I thought wow, that woman must be *so*

      He preaches "Maybury's Law" but he sure as hECK doesn't follow it himself.


      Hey, isn't the snow beautiful, especially when you don't have to go out & drive
      in it? I had to shovel out a maybe 5' x 5' area for the dog, hadn't shoveled
      for many years, bought a kiddie shovel at the dollar store this year - I'd used
      a dustpan to move some snow once, but can't bend that much. Anyway, I did it
      and it felt good, but gawd I need more exercise and fewer cigarettes!!! And
      either better meds or back surgery, altho the TENS unit is a lifesaver!

      Have a good one!!!



      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, al_radzik <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Randy,
      > It's the same thing that goes on in every aspect of life. Power is
      > alluring. In music, everyone wants to write that hit song. In art,
      > every artist wants to create that one masterpiece. In sports, it's the
      > goal of being a free agent with a 40 million dollar pricetag. Barring
      > any karmic cycles, every man wants to be all he can be in THIS
      > lifetime...including Harold Klemp.
      > It is after all, no matter what the basic framework, an ego
      > trip....and Harold is on one. I would venture to say that ALL of
      > Eckankar's leaders have desired to be not only top dog in this world,
      > but in the universe! How can a little skinny guy from Nowhere USA make a name
      > for himself? Harold was at the right place at the right time when he
      > bestowed upon himself, the title of LEM!
      > Let's forget for a moment, his suicide attempts and inordinate fear
      > of simple non threatening objects like power lines and parasites. He
      > is remarkably fragile and insipid. He is more like a boring insurance
      > salesman than the physical manifestation of God on Earth. His
      > disrobing at an airport MUST beg the question "Why does God do these
      > stupid things?"
      > His satellite transmissions to the Ramada Inns around the world
      > where they hold the ECK "holy" seminars just bolster my suspicions
      > that this guy is a truly homebound neurotic in fear of imaginary
      > poltergeists and negative forces. The man is a loon!
      > Actually, Harold might have a lot more to worry about than he thinks.
      > While the Eckankar organization keeps this god-clown fed, clothed, and
      > sheltered....his own inadequacies fester inside. The accolades abound
      > from his clueless and banal troops of the Sugmad,while Harji
      > wonders..."Why all this pain...if I am the Wayshower, the Omnipotent,
      > and true Keeper of the Gilded Rod of ECK Schmegma?
      > I see him pacing the floor at night in a cold sweat, in the dark,
      > white knuckling the seat of the toilet in the throes of a nervous bout
      > with diarrhea while all of his 13,234 followers are tucked away under
      > their Mahanta Blue Comforters dreaming of his shining face...taking
      > them to the unspeakable beauties of the Anami Lok. Plop
      > plop.....fizz...fizz.
      > Gotta laff,
      > Alf
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