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Why ECKists Won't Leave

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, What s interesting about the dumbed- down Klemp version of ECKankar is that the mentality and consciousness of members has become very narrowly
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2010
      Hello All,
      What's interesting about the dumbed-
      down Klemp version of ECKankar is
      that the mentality and consciousness
      of members has become very narrowly
      focused and rather simple minded.

      Their growth and world view has become
      retarded. If you've ever had the chance
      hear ECKists speak about their favorite
      music you would see that it's very limited
      to ECK musicians and to who and what
      Klemp listens to... monkey see, monkey do.

      Plus, the same goes for movies as well.
      It's a very limited, childish and immature
      selection. This arrested development of
      EK H.I.s simplifies their world view by
      eliminating and/or limiting: expression;
      insight; critical thinking; living in and
      experiencing change in the Now.

      ECKists will emulate their GOD and Leader
      (whom they are taught to beseech with
      requests, the Mahanta, HK), and they will
      even imitate his fears and, supposed, malady
      with EMR/EMF.

      It's amazing to see their desperation of
      wanting and needing to believe in things
      like Space Alien EK Masters from Venus
      who remain in physical bodies that are
      thousands of years old. Yet, no one has
      ever seen these "beings" except in dreams,
      or in other imagined and/or mistaken situations.

      Really, why hasn't Rebazar or Rami Nuri
      ever given a talk at an ECK Seminar?

      It seems that ECKists are so passive
      (they view it as being "detached") that
      they simply don't care about the Truth.
      They are very comfortable with another
      false belief that happens to be New Age
      and "Eastern." Unfortunately, ECKists
      have too much time, money, energy,
      and status (initiations) involved with
      the EK org/religion to make a change.
      What would they replace it with? Most
      people need to follow others or some
      sort of "group" belief. And, what's funny
      is, many ECKists don't follow the EK
      Guidelines (rules and procedures) of
      the RESA Structure.

      Many long-time H.I.s oppose the RESA
      Structure, as well as, most of the restrictions
      established by the RESA Guidelines where
      every "i" needs dotted and every "t" needs
      crossed before a decision is made and action
      is taken. Getting things done in ECKankar
      is a very slow process. Of course, some RESAs
      don't follow these controlling "Guidelines"
      (Klemp's Scripture) all that closely. These
      RESAs are usually Not asked to serve for
      another three year cycle when it is discovered
      that they have been cutting corners and subverting
      Klemp's authority.

      Playing the game is very important (ass kissing
      too) and acting "as if" for whatever purpose is
      key to maintaining the illusion required and the
      delusion experienced with belief in this religion.
      Prior to ECKankar these people (EKists) experienced
      similar dogmatic beliefs, promises, and faith that
      were handed down to them by authority figures.
      Now, they are in, basically, the same situation.

      When one makes comparisons we have:
      Twitchell with two Shariyats, Discourses,
      and Stranger By The River; Gross with an
      emphasis on music and the arts; Klemp
      with revised books, discourses, org and
      his RESA (police) Structure and Guidelines.

      Thus, Klemp exerts much more control
      and authority over ECKists than has any
      other LEM and, yet, still promises H.I.s
      "spiritual freedom and mastery" in THIS
      lifetime... without giving them the necessary
      outer initiations to achieve this!

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