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Re: Why Isn't Klemp Talking About the Zohar?

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  • harrisonferrel
    Eckankar couldn t be much more backward. Nothing about it is original, so why start now?
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 14, 2010
      Eckankar couldn't be much more backward. Nothing about it is original, so why start now?

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > I was wondering what the purpose
      > is in having a "Living" ECK Master?
      > Klemp still promotes, and sells, Twitchell's
      > "Stranger by the River" but where is
      > Klemp's "current" version of this book,
      > or his own unique work? Where's Rebazar?
      > And, why are ECKists being encouraged
      > to purchase Twitchell's old talks (EK
      > history) now in CD format?
      > It's another money maker, of course,
      > but it takes the ECKist backwards into
      > the past and into a state of lower consciousness.
      > Then again, these talks do show the
      > scam behind Eckankar. After all, according
      > to Klemp, Twitchell had been under
      > Rebazar's tutorage for years and according
      > to PT was given the 12th initiation in
      > the 1950s. So it does seem odd that
      > Twit never mentions the "Mahanta," and
      > other important points, in his 1966 talk:
      > "The Way of ECKANKAR."
      > Therefore, if Twitchell's works are
      > being pushed upon ECKists, what is
      > the point with having a "Living" Master?
      > Has the "Living" master (Klemp) written
      > any Shariyats or anything as worthy
      > or as comparable to the books of Twitchell?
      > No!
      > Klemp claims to be a/the infallible Mahanta,
      > but as the LEM he is supposed to give a
      > "current" view of the world to his followers
      > and guide them through tough times.
      > Instead, this so-called "Modern Prophet"
      > hides away most of the year and talks or
      > writes about traveling to the Astral "Sun
      > Worlds" with Rebazar and about going into
      > the past to Atlantis, etc. in order to renew
      > Soul's "golden contract" with the M/LEM.
      > Klemp mimics others with generalized doom
      > and gloom comments (and EMF fears) while
      > avoiding precise predictions... except for one:
      > "Eckankar is meant to be here not just for
      > decades, but for centuries-- even for millennia."
      > But, didn't PT and DG say the same things?
      > ******************************************
      > An EK prediction, The Invasion of the Zohar!
      > HK seems to agree with Twitchell that an alien
      > space race (The ZOHAR) is to come and take
      > over the earth! This is mentioned on pg. 243
      > of Klemp's first (1998) Lexicon.
      > On pages 186-187 Klemp mentions that
      > this invasion and "colonization" will occur
      > after a "catastrophe" in the "Twenty-First
      > and Twenty-Second Centuries." Also, the
      > ECK Master, SEPHER, will be responsible for
      > "the spiritual welfare of the Zohar" (those
      > space aliens who murder/destroy the human
      > race).
      > Too bad that good old Sepher didn't have
      > more influence over the Zohar prior to the
      > invasion! LOL! But how "spiritual" are those
      > who invade and annihilate another race?
      > Isn't this what a less spiritual and violent
      > (lower consciousness) race would do?
      > So, what are Klemp's views/predictions on
      > this EK theology? This is the 21th Century
      > and, according to HK, time is running out!
      > Tick-tock, tick-tock!
      > Klemp should be addressing the future and
      > not the past simply because by the time he
      > gets it into print it's even further into the past.
      > Events and circumstances change in every
      > moment. Instead, HK (EK's Modern Prophet)
      > should be addressing future events.That way,
      > by the time it got into print it would be the
      > present or near future! The past is too easy
      > and too convenient to comment upon and
      > too easy to do 20/20 hindsight rewrites.
      > But, that's what Klemp does. He takes the
      > Easy Way in order to appear to earn his
      > keep.
      > But, since Klemp is promoting himself as
      > a "Modern Prophet" he should be attempting
      > to live up to the his own hype. ECKists should
      > hold him accountable to address current
      > world issues, as well as, these doom and
      > gloom EK predictions. Instead, we see him
      > attempting to sell more and more EK materials
      > which contain nothing new. It's merely
      > repackaged and/or put into a current CD/
      > DVD/MP3 format. The President and EK
      > Board could make those decisions without
      > HK.
      > Then, again, the Catch-22 for ECKists is
      > that they aren't permitted to complain (it's
      > negative), nor to "second guess" the LEM
      > (who is also the Mahanta). ECKists are to
      > follow and practice the "Law of Silence."
      > But, are ECKists always expected to practice
      > this EK Law without exception? If someone
      > wrongs you or makes a mistake then shouldn't
      > you speak up? Sure! Therefore, it's okay
      > that they don't remain silent on matters
      > of theology either. Soul equals Soul correct?
      > Thus, why should Klemp be above responsibility?
      > Darwin was kicked to the curb for misrepresentation,
      > but Klemp and his lawyers rewrote the EK bylaws.
      > Now, the President and EK Board have no authority
      > to hold Klemp accountable. Catch-22 again!
      > Prometheus
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