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Re: My story...ECK Stories Needed... Desperately!

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  • al_radzik
    No. They would harass your mother with phone calls and threaten to call your work if you didn t post responsibly .
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 8, 2009
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      No. They would harass your mother with phone calls and threaten to call your work if you didn't post "responsibly".

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, harrisonferrel <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > I'll give them an Eck story. A short one to boot. I joined a cult, I wasted twelve years. I believed that made-up characters were really in my dreams and then I discovered Sharon and David Lane on the internet and came back to my senses.
      > Do you think they'd print my story??
    • formyd48
      I m an ex Eckist. I have been looking for other ex Eckist groups. We all know what a terrible let down it is to find out the truth about Eckankar. I still
      Message 2 of 4 , Dec 28, 2009
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        I'm an ex Eckist. I have been looking for other ex Eckist groups. We all know what a terrible let down it is to find out the truth about Eckankar. I still now some people who know the truth but still stay in it. Anyway, has anyone ever considered a class action suit against Eckankar by ex Eckist? If so I would be interested in knowing details.
        --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
        > This is a crosspost from ESA---
        > The following "Announcement" is displayed
        > in Eckankar's December 2009 H.I. Letter:
        > "Spotlight on High Initiates
        > You are invited to share your experience
        > as an ECK H.I. with your fellow Brothers
        > of the Leaf. Please send any of the following:
        > * Your personal experiences and insights
        > relating to the Mahanta, the ECK teachings,
        > and serving as an ECK H.I. [the Negative
        > too?]
        > * Photos of H.I.'s in ECK activities, especially
        > in action, sharing and enjoying ECK.
        > ["in action" means no poses with fake
        > smiles?]
        > * Poems that express your love for the
        > SUGMAD and the Mahanta, and being
        > a Co-worker in ECK. [When will HK
        > "share" his poems?]
        > Send submissions to: Eckankar, Att: The
        > H.I. Letter, PO Box 2000, Chanhassen, MN
        > 55317-2000 USA. Or e-mail them to
        > hil@... (Submissions may be
        > edited for clarity and length.) Thanks for
        > sharing!"
        > ******
        > That last disclaimer of "submissions may
        > be edited for clarity" is interesting since
        > H.I.s should already have mastered the
        > 4th Mental Plane and, thus, have "clarity"
        > of mind. LOL!
        > ******
        > Next, is an example of the kind
        > of delusional, ECKie B.S., story
        > that Klemp is looking for:
        > "Of Science and The Shariyat
        > I read an article in Scientific American
        > (May 2008) reporting that an individual's
        > genetic code may continuously change
        > after birth due to various environmental
        > influences. This got me thinking. This
        > discovery may open the door of science
        > to finding real biological transformations
        > To me, this all seems to correspond
        > to the 'rechemicalization' process mentioned
        > in The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book 1, p. 143.
        > So let's hear it for the Spiritual Excercises
        > of ECK. Hip-hip, hooray!" - Phil Dunn, FL.
        > [My CAPS were added to the above
        > "insights."]
        > ******
        > Yes! Look at how the "Healing Effects
        > of Long-Term Practicing of Spiritual
        > Disciplines/Exercises" have helped
        > Klemp! When does the "Benjamin
        > Button" effect kick-in? LOL!
        > Below is the old (1970) PT Shariyat
        > quote that inspired this H.I.'s delayed
        > and delusional revelation concerning
        > Science [that one's genetic code may
        > be continuously changing] and the
        > ability to use this for healing via the
        > Spiritual Exercises. It has long been
        > known that too much stress can have
        > negative effects and that meditation
        > can alleviate stress. However, this H.I.
        > concludes that these changes in one's
        > genetic code could be affected, for healing
        > purposes, by using the "spiritual exercises."
        > He supports his conclusions by making
        > a correlation with this article of scientific
        > discovery and with Twitchell's karmic
        > "rechemicalization" theory. However, this
        > H.I. misinterprets Paul's PR warning/threat
        > that unless one follows the Living ECK Master
        > (LEM) they will build up an unbalanced
        > amount of "bad" karma.
        > Paul, basically, states that one Should
        > Not be Obsessed with seeking Good
        > Health effects because this is Karmic
        > Attachment to the Physical Body. ECK
        > is the "Middle Path" (neither for or against)
        > and, thus, Detachment (from Lower
        > Plane effects) should be practiced in
        > order to reach "the gates of heaven."
        > Thus, one's Attention Should Not be
        > on the good or bad (health and/or healing),
        > nor on the positive and negative effects
        > of the physical body or physical world.
        > "Burning off of karma is the state of
        > rechemicalization. It is something man
        > must go through while living on this earth.
        > Man should be able to do this under the
        > Living ECK Master. If he is under any other
        > guide here on earth, this is NOT likely to
        > happen. He will be receiving more bad
        > karma than good and will be overbalanced
        > on the negative side. He needs to be
        > balanced only in the middle way, not
        > on either side. Only when he can walk
        > the middle path of ECK can he leave
        > the Wheel of the Eighty-Four and find
        > the gates of heaven."
        > What's really interesting is that in
        > Klemp's front page article he uses
        > a lot of "BUTS" when giving advice
        > on healthy eating. Nowhere did
        > Klemp mention doing the "Spiritual
        > Exercises of ECK" for healing or for
        > health!
        > Plus, isn't it interesting that Klemp
        > didn't notice this H.I.'s misinterpretation
        > (or his own) of Twitchell's karmic
        > "rechemicalization... Middle Path
        > of ECK" comments from the Shariyat.
        > When one looks at Klemp's selling
        > of Eckankar it seems imbalanced.
        > It's no wonder HK and Company
        > can't see the forest due to the trees!
        > Prometheus
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