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The Nature of Spiritual Reality

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  • eckmahdis
    Alain Gossens (Karmapolis) Questions Kyle Griffith On the Meaning of The War in Heaven Link - http://www.openseti.org/ForumFiles/GossensGriffithQA.html Open
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      Alain Gossens (Karmapolis) Questions Kyle Griffith On the Meaning of
      The War in Heaven

      Link - http://www.openseti.org/ForumFiles/GossensGriffithQA.html

      Open Letter to Kyle Griffith:

      Hello Kyle,

      I just downloaded your book War In Heaven after visiting the Open
      Seti website, and I find your explanation of the Theocrats most
      interesting. Let me tell you my story.

      I was a member of Eckankar, a spiritual cult based in Chanhassen
      Minnesota for many years with my last ten years being an "Initiator".
      The cult was founded by Paul Twitchell, a student of L. Ron Hubbard
      and founder of Scientology, and Hubbard being a past student of
      Aleister Crowley, leader of Ordo Templi Orientis and composer of the
      Holy books of Thelema.

      My initiator duties consisted in part of performing a ritual with the
      student (Chela) to transfer psychic energy to an unknown being via a
      photographic image of the current spiritual leader Harold Klemp. Paul
      Twitchell gave an explanation of these beings as God-Eaters. In his
      book Eckankar Compiled Writings Vol. I these God-Eaters "attained
      their name because they absorb the cosmic energies instead of food as
      the people of this planet do in assimilating plants and foods here."

      The current leader Harold Klemp is some kind of Organic Portal for
      these entities, and they promote a Surat Yoga technique to generate
      psychic energy in the followers whereby this energy is then
      transferred via mental or photographic image of the leader. Through
      my research I have uncovered several current "religions" that operate
      the same way, and I suspect work on behalf of these same entities.

      The topic of psychic energy transfer is not widely accepted by
      current or ex-members due in part to the complexity and occult nature
      of the subject matter. I am part Cherokee mixed with Irish (Celtic)
      and was born with abnormal psychic ability due to these bloodlines.

      After canceling my membership with Eckankar this energy being or
      entity put up quite a struggle before finally leaving my "space".
      These entities can be felt but generally not seen unless they
      manifest physical forms. Their energy is quite pronounced and a very
      conscious person can actually feel their presence in a room. From my
      personal experience these entities can take total control of a human
      body and control all speech and bodily movement. Generally, these
      entities enjoy the type of physical lifestyle exhibited by constant
      stress and depression, followed by periodic highs (a roller coaster

      In watching the USA news on television lately I often wondered why
      there was never any good news being reported? The latest "Financial
      Crisis" as it is being promoted by television networks all over the
      world is a perfect example of a fear based energy being manufactured.
      There is a connection!

      Whoever or whatever controls psychic energy controls the planet.
      Anyway, that is my story and experience in brief.

      I am just happy I got this monkey off my back, and I would enjoy
      communicating with you about this fascinating subject.

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