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Re: A Former "7th Initiate's" Journey!

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  • eckmahdis
    Hello Colleen, I hope you get better. Do you remember if the Eckankar office wanted you to send a letter requesting renewal of your HI membership? When my
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      Hello Colleen,

      I hope you get better.
      Do you remember if the Eckankar office wanted you to send a letter
      requesting renewal of your HI membership?

      When my membership expired sometime after my 6th initiation I thought
      it strange not to get a renewal notice from the Chanhassen office. I
      called them and they asked me to send a letter requesting renewal of
      my membership.

      I have a very important reason for asking this question.

      Thank you


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Colleen Russell"
      <colleenmft@...> wrote:
      > I haven't been posting very much here as I'm involved in life
      > of Eckankar, I'm glad to report. But I wanted to give you an update
      > of my recent and upcoming activities. This group was very helpful
      > me when I was putting together the pieces of the puzzle regarding
      > Eckankar experience. I am indebted to the support of many of you
      > this site.
      > This past June, I gave my first presentation on "Disconfirming
      > Inaccurate, Self-Limiting Beliefs Internalized Through Thought
      > with Corrective Emotional Experiences" at the International Cultic
      > Studies Association Conference at the University of Pennsylvania.
      > Everyone told me that once I presented, it would be a breeze
      > afterward, and I'm now perceiving that they knew what they were
      > talking about. It took a lot to get up the nerve to present, but
      > very happy I did and now I'm ready for more. In my presentation, I
      > discussed how I disconfirmed inaccurate, self-limiting, self-
      > sabotaging (pathogenic) beliefs internalized in Eckankar through my
      > experience in an intensive 2-year acting school called "The
      > Los Angeles, just a few block away from the first Eckankar Center I
      > helped establish in the '70's. My teacher was the highly
      > late Peggy Feury. In retrospect, I realize I had a largely
      > unconscious plan to leave Eckankar by first becoming "inactive" and
      > getting involved with another "transitional" group -- the acting
      > school -- where I was encouraged to analyze the playwrite's intent,
      > do character study, connect with my past experience, feelings,and
      > thoughts associated with it, work in the present with awareness of
      > senses, be supported and identify with highly-motivated, bright,
      > creative people pursuing their goals in acting...all of whom were
      > doing well without the "Living Eck Master" to guide and protect
      > I have written an article that elaborates on this in the upcoming
      > Cultic Studies Journal with the ICSA. I directly relate to my
      > experience in Eckankar and how it affected my life, and how I
      > eventually psychologically and physically left. I hope you'll be
      > looking out for this.
      > It's been a very gratifying experience for me to work with former
      > members of "political", "spiritual", "religious", "large group
      > awareness training", "psychology", "philosophy", "one on one"
      > and "family" cults. Besides individual work, I facilitate a Cult
      > Recovery Support Group every other Saturday in Mill Valley, about
      > miles North of San Francisco. We currently have a few openings in
      > the group if you or anyone you know is interested.
      > Best to all of you in your recovery and pursuit of normal, healthy
      > goals!
      > Colleen
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