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Invitation to Participate in 2nd Research Project

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  • Colleen Russell
    To Former Members of Eckankar... I m forwarding this message on... INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN A RESEARCH STUDY Who we are? This study integrates research
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2008
      To Former Members of Eckankar...

      I'm forwarding this message on...


      Who we are?

      This study integrates research from the Psychology Departments of the
      Arizona State University, Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain),
      University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Shizuoka (Japan) and
      University of Glamorgan (UK). The study is coordinated by researchers
      from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

      What are we doing?

      We are studying certain practices that take place in abusive group
      contexts and the experiences of former members of such groups. The
      study's purpose is to increase our knowledge of the abuses that some
      groups inflict on their members. We want to find new and better ways
      of understanding group relationships. We hope that the information
      collected by this study will enhance attention to the needs of those
      who have endured an abusive experience in a group environment.

      What we ask from you?

      You are invited to participate in the research project if you are a
      former member of a group to which you belonged in the past and which
      you now consider was overly controlling or abusive for some of its
      members, either psychologically, physically, or in any other way.
      Some of the questions are not applicable for individuals who were
      born and/or raised in a group. If you are such an individual, we
      invite you to participate but ask you to please let us know in your
      response to this invitation.

      We ask all subjects to respond to a web-survey, which you may
      complete at your convenience. As a token of our appreciation we
      offer special gifts, described below.

      What is the web-survey like?

      The survey is divided into two separated parts.

      Part I includes some basic demographic questions (e.g., age,
      education) as well as several instruments that inquire about your
      experience with the group you belonged to. Most of these instruments
      are being developed by one of the different teams that are joining
      their research efforts through this survey. Thus, with your
      participation you will be helping in five specific studies. It is
      very important for the advancement of any field of study to have
      valid and reliable measures of the relevant factors that being

      Part II of the survey includes some short instruments inquiring about
      your opinions and behaviors about several statements.

      Overall, it is anticipated that the entire survey will take
      approximately 2 hours to complete. Please note that your
      participation in this study is voluntary, and that you may withdraw
      at any time, without consequence.

      How will the data be handled?

      All the information that is gathered in this study will be kept
      strictly confidential. Replies are anonymous and the results will be
      processed collectively, not individually. The information collected
      in this research will be stored in a way that protects your identity.
      Please, do not place your name on any part of the survey other than,
      optionally, at the Request Form, once you have completed the survey.
      At the Request Form you will be given the opportunity to request a
      summary of the results of this study and/or a summary of some of your
      own responses. If you wish to receive such information, you will be
      asked to leave us an e-mail address (or other contact information you
      prefer). Any personal information you could optionally provide will
      automatically be saved in a separate file from that of your
      responses. This file will be saved in a removable disk that will be
      locked in a safe place by the research coordinator.

      How can we express our gratitude for your participation?

      After completing the survey, you may choose from a variety of gifts
      (electronic resources, books, conference discounts), which have been
      graciously provided by organizations that support this research.

      You will also be given the option to request a review of the results
      of this study and a summary of some of your own responses.

      What should you do if you accept our invitation to participate?

      REPLY to the person who has invited you to participate: Colleen
      Russell (crussellmft@...). She would send you a link for
      the survey. Alternatively, you may write us directly: Carmen
      Almendros (carmen.almendros@...), indicating who invited you to

      More information about the study

      If you want to obtain more information about the study or make any
      comment, you may contact us at this e-mail address:
      Or write to:
      Carmen Almendros, Ph.D.
      Dpto. Psicología Biológica y de la Salud. Facultad de Psicología.
      C/ Ivan Paulov, 6. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Cantoblanco.
      28049 Madrid, Spain.

      Thank you so much for your time. Your participation is very important
      for us!!!
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