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Invitation to Participate in Research Project

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  • Colleen Russell
    Hello Sharon and All... I am forwarding a request for former member s participation in a short 20 - 30 minute survey that a colleague of mine, George
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2008
      Hello Sharon and All...

      I am forwarding a request for former member's participation in a
      short 20 - 30 minute survey that a colleague of mine, George
      Silberschatz, PhD, is conducting with the San Francisco Psychotherapy
      Research Group (SFPRG). I recently completed a year-long study about
      the Control-Mastery Theory with the SFPRG and the Control-Mastery
      Theory. I was introduced to this psychodynamic, cognitive,
      relational theory over 10 years ago. The name of the theory stems
      from two basic premises: (1)"people exercise considerable control
      over their conscious and unconscious mental life (thoughts, feelings,
      defenses, wishes) and their control is regulated by unconscious
      appraisals of safety and danger, and (2) people are highly motivated
      to master psychological conflicts and psychic trauma. This theory is
      quite comprehensive, does not include "techniques", and focuses on a
      strong therapeutic, collaborative relationship between therapist and
      client, based on each client's individual needs and goals. It has
      been developed over the past 45+ years and is empirically validated.
      It helped me make sense of my own experience prior to, during, and
      after Eckankar and has also enhanced my work as a psychotherapist
      with other former members.

      This is what George writes regarding the survey:

      "I want to say at the outset that at this point in our research we
      are simply trying to validate a new measure -- the PBS. (Pathogenic
      Beliefs Scale...those inaccurate, self-limiting, and self-sabotaging
      beliefs internalized through throught reform and also formed in
      childhood). Many, if not most, measures in psychology are usually
      validated on samples of undergraduate psychology students. My goal
      for validating the PBS was to generate a wide and diverse sample of
      respondents: janitors and judges, drug addicts and doctors, students
      and stock brokers, etc. Toward this end, I felt it would be very
      helpful to have former cult members in this validation sample.

      "Once the scale has been validated, we can begin to assess whether
      there are different patterns of beliefs in different groups of

      "Former cult members responses to the questionnaire would
      substantially enrich and strengthen the research. Here is the link
      for the survey:


      George's contact information is:
      George Silberschatz, Ph.D.
      Clinical Professor
      Department of Psychiatry
      UCSF School of Medicine

      I thank those of you who will take the survey.

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