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Re: what is a cult anyway

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  • al_radzik
    Consider the Internet being a place where you can find just about any information. The Eckists as well as non-Eckists use it to Google. Since I had a little
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 21, 2008
      Consider the Internet being a place where you can find just about any
      information. The Eckists as well as non-Eckists use it to Google.
      Since I had a little time here before dinner, I googled all of the
      eck masters. It's true. They do not exist in any form or social
      construct throuhout history outside of the ECK world.
      It's all a huge deception! Twitchell was NEVER able to back any of
      his claims up so he created from his simple Paduchah mindset, a host
      of "saints" that existed since the beginning of time yet we cannot
      validate one single iota of any of these spiritual guises ANYWHERE in
      the history of the world.
      This only means one thing. ANYONE with balls, deception, trickery and
      an ego as big as Sat Nam can build a whole religion out of only one
      Sorry Twitch. You lose all credibility along with your tunnel-
      visioned followers. they ar all Lemmings following you over a cliff
      to their spiritual death.


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Sharon" <brighttigress@...>
      > Hi Leanne!
      > Check out this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult
      > Yeah, when I first got on the internet and saw my beloved "highest"
      > spiritual path/religion referred to as a cult, I was shocked!!
      > After reading a lot, I could see why - but I still thought it
      > was "legitimate", compromised by telling myself okay, maybe some
      > eckists are cult members, but I'm definitely not!!! I really tried
      > to hold on with any rationalization I could come up with.
      > I was like many people who think cults are weird far-out dangerous
      > groups, like Jim Jones' "People's Temple".
      > I think "pseudo-spiritual protection racket" fits ekult, but it's
      > easier to type "cult".
      > You'll find all sorts of definitions and long lists of defining
      > characteristics which often include things like "isolation of
      > members", which don't exactly fit ekult. I like the BITE model,
      > altho many eckists prefer to use those longer lists to "prove" it's
      > not a cult. But if you really look at it, ekult will still fit
      > those more "precise" lists.
      > For example - isolation of members. Okay, ekult doesn't send vans
      > girls in bikinis to college campuses to lure students away for
      > weekends that turn out to be high-pressure cult recruiting
      > but it *does* tell you not to read any non-eckstuff for the first
      > two years. And ekult doesn't keep you locked up in a hot room
      > listening to lectures & verbal abuse from the speaker & not let you
      > out to go to the bathroom until you've broken down enough, but
      > those "spiritual exercises" work the same way. You brainwash
      > yourself!!
      > Are all cults "bad"? Well, that depends on your definition
      of "bad".
      > Ekult is more of a subtle cult, and relatively harmless when
      > compared to things like Jonestown & Heaven's Gate. But, that
      > depends on your definition of "harm", too.
      > It took me several years "out" to clear my head, and it was only as
      > I recovered that I realized how much it had really damaged me. The
      > degree of harm and how it manifests is probably different for
      > different people. For example, ekult is the cause of several
      > suicides. Some from the hurt & disillusion when they learn the
      > truth, and some because Klemp appeared "on the inner" and told them
      > to. Just a few years ago there was a relatively small mass-suicide
      > linked to ekult, but not a lot of info about exactly what
      > Let me see if I can find the old links - nope, quick search here
      > didn't turn anything up. If I recall, it was on a tropical island
      > or something similar, I'm pretty sure the "main" newspaper articles
      > were in French.
      > Darn, wish I'd been more organized these last ten years!!!
      > Yes, a lot of people call anything other than Christianity
      > a "cult". Like, Madonna's kabbalah group has been called a cult.
      > Well, you just don't know, kabbalah is a legitimate teaching but it
      > probably depends on who & how it's presented. Don't know much
      > that group but going thru my old books, I came across an old one
      > picked up at a yard sale or something, didn't get around to reading
      > it, but turned out it was written by Madonna's group's leader. All
      > I know about it is that they're making a heck of a lot of money
      > selling some kind of "holy water" and red strings.
      > Some people can get cultic about just about anything. I don't
      > there's anything wrong with reading & studying *everything*, you'll
      > find cultic groups everywhere, but that doesn't mean that Zen or
      > Kabbalah or even Christianity is necessary a "bad" thing or a
      > I think you can read anything, just use critical thinking about it
      > and "consider the source", and don't join anything unless you're
      > really sure about it. I joined ekult just out of curiousity in the
      > beginning, because I wanted to learn that "secret" stuff in the
      > members-only discourses. What a crock!!! But, I still ended up
      > getting sucked in, brainwashed, and mind-controlled.
      > Whatever label you use, the plain fact is that ekult is bogus, was
      > started by lies and they continue using lies and deception to lure
      > in new paying members.
      > Anyway, while I'm here, there's some interesting discussion over at
      > EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous, I hope anyone who's not reading there
      > checks it out!
      > (http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous)
      > I've seen Twitch's "Far Country" mentioned over at a.r.e. - and
      > wondered if perhaps people a bit "new" to the internet are aware
      > that this book was taken out-of-print sooner than others because
      > it's got the most documented plagiarism, and was probably the most
      > likely to get ekult sued.
      > Oh horrors - I was just thinking of other examples of cults and how
      > they work - lots of sales companies use cultic techniques, in
      > Like, timeshare salespeople. Unless you're brainwashed into "true
      > believerism" you won't be a successful salesperson!! <gg> Anyway,
      > I just popped into my "links" for the "cult-test", oh horrors, it's
      > not there, it's a Penthouse page now and thank goodness my four-
      > old grandson wasn't standing here next to me!!!! Geez, I've gotta
      > do some "housecleaning" here!!!
      > Yes, I saw that Darwin had died, and evidently Klemp didn't say
      > anything about it. I, like many others, wonder what'll happen to
      > ATOM since Darwin didn't name a successor, but neither did Twitch!
      > I had a thought, it would be a hoot if somehow "Sri" Michael Turner
      > saw a blue carnation in his dreams and claimed to get Darwin's "Rod
      > of Power" handed to him in a dream. I don't think his
      > little "Spiritual Freedom Satsang" or whatever he calls it really
      > attracts that many people. I first encountered him back in the
      > 90's as an eckist at a.r.e., had some private correspondence with
      > him because I dropped him a line and said I'd liked what he was
      > posting. Well, I quickly started to feel like he was somehow
      > to "recruit" me for his group, especially after he mentioned he'd
      > just lost his job, and since he had more time he was going to focus
      > on being a "guru". Gawd, I was still a true-blue eckie at the time
      > but warning bells went off!
      > <snicker> Just had one of those renegade thoughts - some time ago
      > came across a funny story, how Darwin had given a talk as LEM about
      > getting so turned-on at some other-planes "master" meeting that he
      > had to go out in the astral bushes and masturbate. Maybe Sri Mike,
      > Jerry Mulvin, and some of those other self-proclaimed "masters"
      > could join him in the bushes & have a "shooting" contest to decide
      > who gets the "Rod". <giggle>
      > Okay, gotta run, have a great day, everyone!
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon
      > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, Leanne Thompson
      > <le_anne_thompson@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Sharon. What i a definition of a cult anyway? My first
      > impression is "Jonestown" rember them? But are all cults bad? Or
      > are they called cults in the first place It sometimes spooks me.
      > I was looking into Zen and studying the kabbalah and someone told
      > they were cults. I think that person used the word cult to meant
      > they were different than christianity and not like what happened in
      > Jonestown in late 70's
      > >
      > > PS
      > > Did you know darwin died in march?
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > > Leanne
      > >
      > >
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