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  • sharon2000@xxxxxxxx.xxx
    Well, I know some members here, but I don t know many of you. I ve been hoping someone would post something here, and I d like to thank James Bean of Spiritual
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2000
      Well, I know some members here, but I don't know many of you.

      I've been hoping someone would post something here, and I'd like to thank James Bean of Spiritual Awakenings for writing something! He has an interesting site, although personally I have an aversion to that "master" word...and there are some interesting links there. Check it out!!

      I'm going to post something I've copied from that notorious cesspool, alt.religion.eckankar. <ggg> It, perhaps, expresses what I'd like to see here...the lies of eckankar for those who may be looking into it, and a positive statement from someone who's a former member.

      I started this site simply because when you do a search here for "Eckankar" all that shows up are the cult member sites. Searches on search engines show similar results.

      Those of us who are former members know how Eckankar encourages anyone who can to increase the cult's presence here on the internet. When I joined Eckankar back in the early 80's, there was no internet...or much information about Eckankar other than official cult publications. There aren't many places where people can go to hear the other side, by former members. Not everyone wants to start a website.

      By the way, for those concerned about confidentiality and familiar with the a.r.e. eckists tactics of seeking out former members identities and publishing misleading things and lies, and the slander and generally nasty behavior towards anyone who tries to speak out, be assured that you can join here and participate without anyone knowing who you are. There are no headers anywhere.

      I'd like to see former eckists sharing their stories here. What would you like to tell people who may be looking into Eckankar?

      Because this is an open forum, and because so many have written to me privately for over a year, since I very publicly left the cult back at a.r.e., I know that there are many things some former eckists don't want to say in public. And I know many of you are still hurting. I'm sorry that this location isn't private, f
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