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  • Sharon
    Hi Geneva! Thanks for writing, and I hope you ll find helpful information here. It s not unusual to find families that operate more like cults than loving,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 21, 2008
      Hi Geneva!
      Thanks for writing, and I hope you'll find helpful information here.
      It's not unusual to find families that operate more like cults than loving, supportive families.  I don't think you're alone - I think ekult has a higher-than-usual number of wackos who believe they're "masters" of some kind, think they have special "spiritual gifts" and that their very presence on Earth uplifts all of mankind.  <snicker>
      Paul Twitchell in Illuminated Way Letters:
      " . . . each of those who are ECKists must come to the realization that they
      each, belong to the chosen race of the superior being.  All others are
      aliens, that is those who have not yet voluntarily taken up the path of ECK.
      These aliens, as we speak of them, are, in a way, heathens or pagans who have
      not yet found truth.  They are the agents of the Kal, and the enemy of those
      who are the followers of ECK."     pg. 168
      Well, Geneva, sorry you didn't get much feedback here.  I started the above response when you first posted but it ended up in "drafts", which I rarely get back to.   I hope you're learning a lot in the archives here, and everywhere else on the internet. 
      To be honest, I'm just sort of "talked out".   It's all "reruns".   And mostly, anything "eck" just isn't important to me anymore.   Too many more interesting & important things to do, especially since it's spring!! 
      But, here's something someone just sent me that you might find interesting - it looks like a great book!   http://www.rickross.com/reference/brainwashing/brainwashing11.html
      Another one I read in recent years is a new one:  Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships by Janja Lalich
      And now that I'm thinking about it, Steve Hassan's books are excellent, too!  See:  http://www.freedomofmind.com/   - haven't been reading at the "group" for ages but you might want to check it out:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freedomofmind/
      There's a lot of great helpful books & websites out there for good advice on "recovering".
      I think you've done the right thing by simply cutting off contact with the in-laws.  I've gone thru a variety of thoughts, viewpoints, and actions in my life and it's brought me to the point where I think just getting rid of anything & everything "toxic" in your life, even relatives, is the best way to deal with it.   Life's too short to put up with bullshit, you know?  
      My thoughts on this right now are, I think basically all of us are "works in progress" altho it certainly seems like some people get "stuck" with their "selfs" at an early age and stay there, refusing to learn, grow & change, seems to me that would be pretty boring and a wasted life.  I've sort of tried to make myself be what I want to be, started doing that at a young age, actually, thanks to quite a few "real life" bad examples.   So, decide who & what you want to be, and work towards it.  Sometimes I'll tend to excuse my own "faults" but one helpful thing I've always found is to walk that mile in someone else's shoes, see myself (and everyone and everything) from many different viewpoints.  One thing about myself that I learned in the process of leaving ekult was that like many other culties, I never set appropriate boundaries.
      It's different for everyone, raised in the cult or not - I think there are sort of two types, those bossy arrogant know-it-all "high initiate" types, and the nice sincere ones so that the "leaders" have someone to kick around.  Oh, that nonsense about leaving the body being a "spiritual gift" is just bullshit.  If she can "do" astral projection - I mean, set it up beforehand, send her "elsewhere" and have her report back, then call the person she supposedly "traveled" to for details, I don't think ANY supposedly "spiritually gifted" eckist can actually do it.  But, I have no doubt that some genuinely slimy "scumbag" types can.  People I know who can really "travel" were just born that way, and they'll tell you nope, it ain't "spiritual" or "holy" or anything.   So, mostly I tend to use "physical" or "non-physical" instead of "spiritual" labels.
      It can be really difficult to identify & remove all the cult-crap and habits in your mind & life, so what I sort of tried to do was dump *all* of it and just "remake" myself from scratch, sort of, only "keeping" what I absolutely wanted to, after a lot of objective thinking.
      Well, I've got lots to do, but one funny thing I want to share - went to a new local slots casino over the weekend and had to laugh, of course it was sort of noisy but running beneath/along with all the other racket was a very strong but definite "hu" - really!!!    It sounded just like a "hu" from a big seminar, or on one of the tapes the cult sells.  Now, someone commented at the "YouTube" video site that he detected something called "binaural beats" or something on one of the cult's videos, evidently this is something that would tend to make people "controllable" or something - have you heard about music & even scents used in stores to make people more susceptible to buying things?    Well, had to laugh - since the "hu" is so loud at the casino, I wouldn't be surprised if this particular sound is one that's been proven to make people fork over their $$$$$!!!!!!
      Anyway, I was underwhelmed - can't figure people who really get into gambling, plus I have better things to spend my $ on, and I'd probably still be very frugal & practical if I was "rich".   What I was going to do was take a baggie full of pennies since I heard they had penny-slots, but it doesn't work that way, you have to use paper money and tickets. 
      Okay, gotta run!!
      Best wishes and good luck to you both!!!   I hope that every day of your life away from the cultic in-laws will just get better and better - truly, it *will*!!!   Getting the crap out of your life will leave lots of room for the "good" stuff!


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