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  • Sharon
    Hey Liz! Well, I just got here and haven t read anything else yet - but do I remember correctly, didn t I ban you at one point when you first got here?
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 5, 2007
      Hey Liz!

      Well, I just "got here" and haven't read anything else yet - but do I
      remember correctly, didn't I "ban" you at one point when you first
      got here? Thinking....thinking....yep, I remember some of the gory
      details now! It all blew over. This will too, and everyone will
      probably become best buddies! Yep, I remember I *did* come down on
      you pretty hard, but I felt it was necessary at the time for the good
      of ET as a whole.

      You know how it is - you've been running groups since you were an
      eckist. It's not always easy, I've mellowed over the years,
      especially since I just don't have the time anymore. I try to stay
      focused on what's most important - that people are able to find
      plenty of info, and *someone*, either public or private, who can help
      them if they need it. I'd like to see lots & lots of "anti"
      websites, and lots of "groups" - not just here at Yahoo, but at the
      many other places on the internet where you find "groups" of one kind
      or another - them thar darned pesky eckies are all over the internet,

      Oooh...Westies are *so* cute!! My Spunky's half Westie, half
      Schnauzer - just met a new all-Schnauzer yesterday and now I know
      where Spunky's glass-breaking screech comes from. <gg>

      Loved the grandbaby photo you sent awhile back!! Have to laugh,
      Cody's sonogram was pretty spooky - he looked like some kind of alien
      creature or giant bug. Andrew's looked human, though - he's three
      months old now, adorable, very different from Cody! It's so
      fascinating to see individual personalities when they're just
      babies! Cody was very quiet and thoughtful, and at three, he's a
      grubby little "dirt magnet" just like his daddy was, but he *does*
      seem to look before he leaps into new things, which is good.
      Andrew's a little flirt!

      Oh, I agree about stay-at-home moms!! The world needs more of
      them!! Not just when they're little, either. I noticed when I was
      in school and David was a teenager, he liked having Mom there when he
      got home from school.

      Anyway, would you believe that I can be a *great* grandmother 9
      months from any given moment? <gg> Yep - oldest grandson's been
      married for over a year now! They're both doing great in college,
      want to wait & be settled before starting their family, but you never
      know. Michelle's just *dying* to start popping out the babies!

      Granddaughter graduated this year & decided to start with summer
      courses right away, but English comp isn't as easy as she expected,
      so her English-major grammy is feeling *so* appreciated right now!
      <gg> With all the "busy-ness" and her confidence, I didn't see her
      first paper until after her prof came down pretty hard on her. And
      when I get off the internet (very soon!) I'm going to dig thru the
      book boxes and find an awesome little writing book that I know will
      really help her. I'm a bit rusty, can't remember all those lists of
      pointers for doing papers. Actually, it's the "teaching language" I
      don't remember. That's the hard part - teaching people to do it
      themselves. Yeah, I can re-write the papers and "edit" enough for a
      better grade, but that's not really helping.

      There's just *nothing* more fulfilling than seeing all your hard work
      come to fruition in your children and grandchildren, is there?

      Okay...I'm back...just finished another email in another window...oh,
      while I think of it - hey, Zoey!! I had to laugh when I saw that
      quote you posted about cult-language! Actually, there's more of
      that "out" than "in"! <gg> It's a handy way to *de-program* from
      the cult - now, repeat after me: eckankult, eckancrap, eckthugs -
      and just go from there! <gg> But...we're sort of more open & honest
      with it, unlike Klemp! No, I'm *not* going to go take the time to
      find some of my old stuff in the Google archives, or hunt around my
      old Angelfire "eckankarsurvivors" site for the quotes...and you or
      someone asked about Klemp in the airport - I posted a whole lot about
      that, with pages of quotes about the whole incident and Klemp's
      landing in the looney bin. I need to get the new website done, with
      all my old a.r.e. posts in one place where they're easy to find.

      This is the thing...I'm *so* behind on so many things, and if I let
      myself keep getting more & more behind it just gets worse & worse,
      and I get more & more behind. So, I'm going to stop right now! As
      much as I love "yakking", (I could yak *forever*!), right now my
      kitchen needs some serious attention and then I *must* focus on
      packing & getting moved!!! Arrggghhh!!!!!

      In fact, I think I'm going to refrain from even reading anything here
      & at ESA. Let's face it, an airplane can fall on us at any given
      moment and kaboom, we're gone - and it'll make little or no
      difference in the "great cosmic scheme" or whatever, other than the
      mess our survivors have to clean up, and I'd prefer not to leave a
      mess when my time comes. My kids have enough of their own "messes"
      to deal with. <gg>

      Oh - something of interest that some friends have mentioned noticing,
      has anyone else noticed a lot of "blow-ups" in many people's lives?
      Some interesting energies, perhaps...but I don't keep up with the
      planets & starstuff much anymore either, sadly. Well, sometimes
      things need to be shaken up a bit, out with the old & in with the
      great new stuff, etc. Interesting things going on everywhere - as in
      that old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." <gg>

      One thing that *really* concerns me is the strange disappearance of
      honeybees, and it's not just here in the US. Pretty darned scary - I
      grew up helping my grandfather with his bees, and back in the 70's-
      80's did it myself, but I only had one hive, lost the queen during a
      winter cleansing flight, evidently, but didn't notice until spring
      and just gave it up. So I take honeybees very personally.

      There are so many more important & bigger things, even though on a
      personal level, cultstuff is important too.

      Bye everyone, and have a great day!!



      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Elizabeth" <ewickings@...>
      > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Sharon" <brighttigress@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Everyone!
      > >
      > > Wow!!! This is almost like a.r.e., back in the old days when I
      > > first landed there! <gg>
      > *** Hi Sharon! LOL actually this whole thing is very much like
      > I first left eckankrap in the summer of 2003, and had come here to
      > for the first time. Boy was I sensitive to the harsh comments to
      > still sounding "too eckie and speerchul"! ;-) Yep I had a very
      > skin at the time. Still do at times; like Sharon I have so much
      > going on in my family ("living life") that I rarely even think
      > those 30yrs as an eck member. Until my Mom and Step Dad visit for
      > the 4th of July Holiday, as well as my Uncle and Aunt from Tenn.
      > my very intellegent brother.... yep a house full for the last
      > plus my Westie had puppies June 22nd, daughter graduated from HS,
      > pregnant with my first grandchild, and my son getting married in
      > Sept. Hmmm, and all thsoe legal issues with my ex that some people
      > claim to know so much about, college....
      > <snipped>
      > > A year from now, *none* of this will matter and it'll all be
      > forgotten. I think everyone does the best they can. And, we all
      > have our good & bad days. Liz, I'm not picking you out
      > but I did see one post to Marla that could've been taken as a wee
      > nasty, except here on the internet it's hard to really know what a
      > person means. We can't hear tone of voice and see the body
      > language. So, when we're reading, sometimes we can take any
      > particular post in several different ways. I can see where your
      > words may have seemed harsh and uncaring, but I can also see them
      > a different way.
      > *** Hey Sharon I know you weren't picking on me. :-) And hopefully
      > was able to explain my comments to Marla on the ESA group? She
      > I was being rehtorical, and that was never my intentions really.
      > because of my limited time I could be on the computer with my
      > parents here, I tryed to lump way to much into one post!
      > Most people know my history with growing up in the teachings, and
      > I've posted a lot about it here on ET and ESA... So I won't go over
      > it again. Let's just say, at first I was very easily hurt or
      > offended by the ex eckists groups and comments. I couldn't
      > the harshness and insistance that I was still too fresh out of the
      > teachings. LOL Dare I say Sharon, you were 100% correct at the
      > time! ;-)
      > > Everyone heals in their own way, at their own pace. Oh, I just
      > had a thought - "Moms" have their own particular style in dealing
      > with situations and sometimes, no matter how much we love our
      > kiddies, we've gotta be a bit "firm" with them. This style can pop
      > out when we deal with other people, but it doesn't always "work"
      > same way.
      > *** One thing I always felt was important, was not to become my
      > children's best friend, and stop parentling. Hmmm, over the years,
      > and since being out of the eckanfog, I do parent differently. I
      > a far better relationship with my kids than I did. That could be
      > because they are growing up and viewing the world differently too?!
      > I enjoy being a stay at home mom! I am able to volunteer at the
      > schools, attend and help with all of the filed trips (wouldn't miss
      > that for the world). Being a house wife and mom really does get a
      > bad rap... it's usually the ignorant men who feel those that stay
      > home are fat and frumpy and not very smart! LOL It's nice not
      > having to work outside of the home (I am my own boss, with my own
      > business venture) Having a very nice retirement check from DoD, and
      > furthering my education so I can have a life outside of family when
      > my children are off living their own lives. Or, maybe I'll just
      > travel with my dear husband! Fish, camp and not worry about wearing
      > watch...
      > > Now, as far as I know, "detractors" don't try to "infiltrate" and
      > sneak into eckgroups, but this is something eckists do frequently -
      > not just in "groups", but in sneaky phony private emails. This is
      > the "Way of THE ECK", though. Spying. A tradition started by the
      > Twitchster
      > *** Yep! I never bothered with those fake ex eck detractor IDs, I
      > have nothing to hide, so have always used my true ID. Though had I
      > contemplated my choices four years ago, I would have remained an
      > eckie and shared some really super secret stuff... LOL What some
      > don't understand is they can and are trackable. Switching from one
      > ID to another to remain on an ex eck group to stir the shit among
      > ex eckies; I suppose that takes the attention off Klump and Company
      > for a second...
      > > Very serious issues. Being touched by a cult in *any* way,
      > whether it's knowing a member or being a member yourself, has
      > effects. And some of them affect you for the rest of your life,
      > only in a small way, or ways we're not even aware of.
      > *** Especially when several of a person's family members are still
      > eckies. It can be a real challenge as an ex eckists, to remain
      > cool and collected.... garbage in, garbage out. God, did I sound
      > like they do, back in the day? CRAZY.....
      > > Okay, I just got "invaded" so I've gotta get off the computer
      > now!!! My precious Codybear is a joy, but everyone else is a
      > nuisance & a distraction. I hope I've somehow managed to write
      > something useful here, considering I've been only half-focused and
      > half-asleep as I've written it.
      > *** Didn't Codybear recently have a birthday, as well as another
      > grandbaby due soon? Enjoy every moment Sharon! I hope your move
      > goes smoothly, and you can get some fishing in too.
      > Liz
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