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Re: Why do people see Rebazar?

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  • iam999freedom
    By the way Al I really enjoyed your satire of Rebazar and the guys. I think it they are real beings they would find it hilarious too! To answer your question
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      By the way Al I really enjoyed your satire of Rebazar and the guys. I
      think it they are real beings they would find it hilarious too! To
      answer your question of why I left Eckankar:

      I just couldn't be a part of a path that curses its members if they
      decide to leave. It goes contrary to the values I hold dearest which
      are freedom of choice and self responsibility. Let's get serious here
      for a second. Eckankar is supposed to be a path of Love. The threats
      and curses are religious type control tactics. The threats themselves
      merely through the power of suggestion have caused some people
      considerable anguish and I'm sure even driven others to suicide. What
      kind of love is it that curses a person for wanting to explore other
      options in life? It is part of the learning and growing process to
      want to explore when one is not satisified with what they are
      involved in.

      I thought there was a tendency for Eckists too become too dependent
      on the Mahanta to the detriment of relying on themselves to
      spiritually unfold. Although it is stated in the teachings not to
      worship the Mahanta or put him on a pedestal there are far too many
      suggestions in the books and the discourses to contradict that. A
      student can always use a good teacher but when that individual subtly
      puts themself in a position of authority and control the student
      disempowers himself. The true connection between God and the
      individual is not an intercessor but the Higher Self which becomes
      Spirit itself.

      The outer organisation was becoming more and more like a religion.
      What started as an exciting journey into higher states of
      consciousnes became more and more stale and stagnant. Even the name
      of the path became known as the Religion of the Light and the Sound.
      The services on Sunday became Worship services. The services were
      becoming repetitious, mundane, and uninspiring like the personality
      of its leader HK. Everything was becoming more and more geared
      towards recruiting members.

      The initiations were generally meaningless. They had little to do
      with spiritual unfoldment and much more to do with how much time and
      service were devoted to the outer organisation. I can give you an
      example from my own experience. When I first joined Eckankar I got to
      know the local RESA very well and got my second and third initiations
      very quickly. I gradually became disinterested and completely
      uninvolved with the outer organisation and low and behold I did not
      get my fourth initiation for years. One day I decided to call the
      head office about the situation. I knew they didn't like it if one
      requested an initiation so I went about it in a different way. I told
      the person in spiritual services that I wasn't requesting an
      initiation but was simply wondering why I hadn't gotten an initiation
      in such a long period of time and left it at that. And presto within
      a month I got the pink slip for my next initiation! Seems they lost
      track of me simply because I wasn't involved with the outer

      And the last but not least reason I left is because as they say you
      can really know something through experience so I wanted to go
      through quitting to see if the curses are for real (LOL).


      -- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, al_radzik <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > So why did you quit Eckankar?
      > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "iam999freedom"
      > <iam999freedom@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I would like to share a series of experiences that I had many
      > > ago when I was 12 years old. This was in 1965 before there were
      > > Eckankar centres in my area or perhaps none anywhere at that
      > >
      > > To make a long story short my parents were having marital discord
      > and
      > > one night I cried out to the universe in pain as to if there was
      > > God and what God was all about. I was met in waking conscouisness
      > by
      > > a man who I would later in life identify at an Eckankar centre as
      > > Rebazar Tarzs. There is no question that the man and others such
      > > Gopal Das, Fubbi Quantz etc. who I met years previous in waking
      > > dreams were the same individuals as the photos at the Eckankar
      > centre.
      > >
      > > Anyways, getting back to when I was a youth of 12 in a series of
      > > experiences these individuals taught me about Karma,
      > > the spirtual laws, etc. It was what I needed to progress
      > spiritually
      > > as I was brought up as a Christian which never did answer to my
      > > satisfaction the questions I had about life.
      > >
      > > I believe that the reason I and others have experiences with
      > > such as "Eck Masters" is because Spirit will teach us in such a
      > > as we are receptive to receive its Wisdom. It doesn't matter if
      > > teacher is Christ (who I was sceptical about and wasn't very
      > > receptive to) or Krishna or green men from other planets or other
      > > beings such as Rebazar Tarzs. It depends on our current state of
      > > consciousness and what we need to progress spiritually. I
      > to
      > > be very receptive to RT and these other beings as they came with
      > > spirit of great compassion and wisdom. During the period of time
      > > had experiences with them both my inner and outer live flourished.
      > >
      > > I did join Eckankar when I was 20 and remained as a member for 30
      > > years before I left. I do not believe that Rebazar Tarzs exists
      > > the physical. Common sense would tell us otherwise for a variety
      > > reasons. However I do believe in his existence in the universal
      > world
      > > of beingness much in the same manner that other religous figures
      > > exist according to the claims of some of their followers. Whether
      > > they are truly real in another dimenson or whether they are an
      > image
      > > conjoured up in the spiritual imagination of the universe for
      > of
      > > a better term is a matter of interest but I don't feel it's
      > > necessarily that important.
      > >
      > > Any other thoughts?,
      > >
      > > I am Freeedom.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > - In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, al_radzik <no_reply@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I found an old post of mine in the archives of Gurgle:
      > > >
      > > > My Dear Devotees,
      > > > It is my sad duty to inform you that I have left the fold of
      > > > ECKANKAR! I have had it living in the cold, desolate Far
      > > > shivering in sub-zero weather; drinking buttered yak tea
      > a
      > > > tv, radio or even a CD player!! Of course I will remember the
      > good
      > > > old days when Paul's Tuza would come to my leaky shack to shoot
      > the
      > > > crap about spiritual stuff but lately, I've been sick and tired
      > of
      > > > hanging out up here missing all the fun!! I mean, first it's
      > > > with his cushy home in California; then that jazz
      > > his
      > > > name...Dap Ren (Stimpy's buddy) buying planes and screwing
      > > and
      > > > oh shit..the list is endless!! Now it's that skinny German guy
      > with
      > > > the sheep's voice who's got a problem with the power lines
      > > > his house!!! I'm telling you..I've had it!!! Eckankar ain't
      > it
      > > > used to be. Just the other day, me Fubbi, and Gopal were down
      > > the
      > > > Ocean Of Love and Mercy talkin'...I mean REALLY talkin' about
      > > things.
      > > > Fubbi left his Temple and bought a condo in Fort Meyers...He's
      > > tired
      > > > of guiding souls and making appearances at satangs anymore...he
      > > says
      > > > to me "Reb, ya' gotta start fresh, the Earth folks ain't buying
      > > this
      > > > horeshit anymore since Reagan came into power!" He's got
      > a
      > > > young broad now and making a nice living running a bowling
      > > > alley!! "I'm happy now...no pressure!!" he says as he stomps
      > > his
      > > > cigar. And Gopal, who I thought NEVER would have left..
      > > > He's already got a nice little congregation in Skippack,
      > > Pennsylvania
      > > > now, preaching the word of Jesus. He says with a grin "I'm
      > telling
      > > > you guys...this IS the real thing..a little white church...a
      > > hundred
      > > > or so Christians...little old ladies baking me cakes every
      > > > Saturday...I'm in Heaven!!!"
      > > > So I just bought a computer and logged into the best "light
      > > > sound" this side of the Anami Lok!!! I'm still a little shaky,
      > but
      > > > I'll get the hang of it... By the way, everyone, Paul is
      > to
      > > > be found!!!! Ain't that weird!!!
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Rebazar Tarzs
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > May the Blessings be in some babe's lap holding a martini and
      > > > watching the Bulls!!
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "tomleafeater" <tianyue@>
      > > > wrote:
      > > > >
      > > > > Over at a.r.e., there has been some discussion about the non-
      > > > > existence of Rebazar Tarz, Eckankar's mountain man who is
      > to
      > > > > habituate the icy pennacles of the Hindu Kush range in his
      > > > feat.
      > > > > As Garland Peck at a.r.e. has put it, Rebazar is missing! In
      > his
      > > > > writings, Twitchell began to substitute Rebazar Tarz in place
      > of
      > > > > Kirpal Singh, the Rhaoda Soami master Twitchell once called
      > > > > personal guru. Twitchell had a fallout with the guru and
      > > > subsequently
      > > > > went through his manuscripts, substituting Rebazar in places
      > > where
      > > > > Kirpal was mentioned.
      > > > >
      > > > > In Dialogues with a Master, Twitchell has an encounter with
      > > Rebazar
      > > > > who visits him in his 'light body' and inexplicably uses
      > Rebazar
      > > as
      > > > a
      > > > > puppet to speak the words written by Julian Johnson (a Kirpal
      > > > > follower), as found in JJ's book, 'Paths of the Master.'
      > > > >
      > > > > Which of course, begs the question, that if Rebazar is real,
      > why
      > > > put
      > > > > Kirpal's name in manuscripts prior to substituting Rebazar's
      > > name,
      > > > > and why dangle Rebazar as a marrionette parroting the words
      > > > Julian
      > > > > J. Can't Reb speak for himself?
      > > > >
      > > > > For those who've read of the plethora of other shenanigans
      > > > > perpetrated by PT, the answer is obvious: Rebazar doesn't
      > > > >
      > > > > So why do Eckists not only see Rebazar in 'inner experiences'
      > but
      > > > > have full length conversations with him? Has anyone here had
      > > > > experience with Rebazar? What do you think is the basis of
      > > > > experiences? Eckists point to these experiences as the answer
      > to
      > > > > critics. In their minds, it is the ultimate way of deflating
      > the
      > > > > arguments that Rebazar isn't real. (I thought this would be a
      > > > useful
      > > > > discussion...)
      > > > >
      > > > > Thoughts...?
      > > > >
      > > > > Spring Leaf
      > > > >
      > > >
      > >
    • prometheus_973
      Hi All, Eckists want to see Rebazar and that s why they do, BUT never on the physical Plane! Why is it that a Master over 500 years old, in the same physical
      Message 2 of 16 , Apr 1, 2006
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        Hi All,
        Eckists want to see Rebazar and that's why they do, BUT never on the
        physical Plane! Why is it that a Master over 500 years old, in the
        same physical body, has never been seen in the physical? The answer
        is that Rebazar is actually Twitchell's former Radhasoami master
        (Kirpal Singh) and that Twitchell made much of it all up!

        Also, Twitchell's original descriptions of Yaubl and Fubbi don't
        match the drawings Klemp promotes, therefore, Eckists only see these
        Eck Masters appearing as they are drawn and described by Klemp and
        Not by Twitchell! This is more proof that these, and all, Eck
        Masters are phoney creations of a religious scam!

        However, why do people see "masters" or angels, etc. and even see
        them prior to seeing the drawings or pictures of them? There are
        many answers to this phenomenon and some are psychological and some
        are spiritual. Also, this phenomenon is Not limited to Eckankar or
        even to religion per se. However, a strong belief and focus by the
        mind will influence (and distort) one's reality.

        The physicalogical/psychological reasons for these paranormal
        visitations or visions can be extremely varied and depends upon the
        individual's mental health or lack of. It is a sliding scale
        that has many facets including diet, sleep, and stress! And, just
        look at Klemp's meeting with the two "eck masters" on the bridge
        before his leap!

        Another explanation for these experiences (of visions and
        vistations) is that Soul is using the mind for communication with
        Itself! Soul will use whatever means (images and belief) available
        and accepted by the mind. And, since Soul is Not limited by time or
        space this is why some "inner" experiences can take place before the
        actual physical event. Anyway, it's an interesting topic, BUT
        Eckists are really delusional and ego bound if they believe that
        this is a phenomenon exclusive to Eckankar, that it gives validity
        to the Eck teachings, or that it makes them unique or superior.


        ewickings wrote:

        Ganesh writes:

        didn't I hear somewhere that Rebazar's portrait was based on Burt

        LOL well you heard correctly. Apparently Diana Stanley had a
        on Burt and made Rubber Tires in his image, among others, her own
        brother (according to him) is one of the Masters too....
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