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Tell Your Members of Congress to Oppose Public Land Sell-Off!

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  • Sharon Comstock
    (Hi Everyone! Below is a form letter I m sending here, it s an easy way to help us stop this absurd proposal by sending a free message to ten friends urging
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2006
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      (Hi Everyone! Below is a "form letter" I'm sending here, it's an
      easy way to "help us stop this absurd proposal by sending a free
      message to ten friends urging them to take action today"! I'm
      not up to picketing or burning my bra, but thanks to the
      internet it's a lot easier to express my opinions to the elected
      representatives who supposedly work for *me*. I hope others take
      advantage of this - when enough people take a few minutes to
      speak out, it *can* make a difference!! And spend some time at
      the Wilderness Society site, maybe speak up about the proposal
      to clear-cut more of Kuiu Island, a part of the Tongass National
      Forest, too! And have a great weekend, everyone!)

      Have you heard about the Bush administration's plans to put our
      public lands on "blue-light special?" Bush's proposed 2007
      budget includes provisions to sell off as much as 800,000 acres
      of our public lands to the highest bidder!

      Will you join me in speaking out against this absurd proposal?
      Click below to send a message to your representatives in
      Congress now!

      This is not the first time the anti-public-lands crowd has
      attempted to sell off America's public estate. Just two months
      ago, similar attempts to sell off millions of acres of land were
      made, but conservation-minded Republicans and Democrats alike
      balked at the idea.

      The Wilderness Society needs our help to stop this latest scheme
      in its tracks. Click below to learn more and take action today!

      Thanks so much for your help!


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