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Fishing Story!

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  • Sharon
    This is *so* funny!!! I can t believe it happened. I fish with two poles, and wasn t paying attention to Little Guy and I heard a splash. A big splash.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
      This is *so* funny!!!

      I can't believe it happened. I fish with two poles, and wasn't paying attention to "Little Guy" and I heard a splash. A big splash. Well...fish were jumping, and when this splash happened just a little bit away from my feel, I didn't think much about it.

      Then...I checked "Little Guy". It was gone. A fish got it!!!

      Although my friend warned me, well....I was fishing bottom and had the bail set.

      I lost my rod & reel. Actually, I'm glad it was "Little Guy" and not "Big Red", although Little Guy was new...just bought it this spring.

      Dont' believe a fish took off with my rod & reel. Well...I'm going to put up a sign, and maybe when they turn off the damn & let the lake drain in the fall/winter, I'll recover it.

      Believe it or not, this was just *one* of quite a few 'disasters' tonight!!! And it was one of the most fun fishing nights I've ever had!!!

      What a riot...almost like a Groucho Marx movie!!!

      Caught my first channel cat. A little one, let it go.

      My friend spent most of the night sleeping in SuperToyota. It's a shame, he missed all the fun!! I told him, if he'd been awake he would have felt obligated to "handle" all the problems, like the many line-tangles, etc. I've gotta put new line on Big Red, I think I may have mesed up the reel (it was my friends, "Old Faithful" had to be retired) ... anyway, it is just *so* wonderful being outside, under the moon & all!!! And...it rained!!!!! I dont' melt, and dont' mind getting wet.

      Well...good morning, everyone!


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