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Re: Abuse

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  • Sharon
    Sam...thanks for these!!! I have a link to Gunnar s critique at the eckankarsurvivors website. And thank you for the Lurk repost. I don t recall his
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2001
      Sam...thanks for these!!! I have a link to Gunnar's critique at the "eckankarsurvivors" website.

      And thank you for the Lurk repost. I don't recall his saying these things during "my time" but yes, the comparisons to abused wives & Catholicism are *very* accurate!!

      BTW...here's an interesting article which maybe will help showhow there are much bigger "bad" implications to eckankrap, than just the harm it does to individuals. Funny, isn't it, that someone on a.r.e. recently posted about the cult's getting a grant of some type to research eckmaster history & stuff?


      Excuuuuse me, but the cult's had millions in the bank for a lot of years, they can pay for their own goddam "research". So far, they haven't gotten any "results" other than that highly questionsable stuff on Sudar Singh...and that trip to India was personally financied by the eckists who did it, as far as I know. One of them thar "labor of luuuuuv" things, just like how the cult got members to *donate* their eckbooks to the libraries. Free publicity. Twitch started it...telling cult members to leave eckbooks in public places, and then he wrote that if you found an eckbook laying around somewhere, well...it was a "sign" from Suggie!!!! <ggg> What bullshit!!!

      It's a wonder that in addition to soliciting "donations" for the "mission" fund and "building" funds, on both the national and state levels, they don't have one specially earmarked "TV & TV Guide Advertising" and "Marketing Consultants"!!!!

      I gotta run....

      Love & Hugs!!!

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