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Catching Up

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  • Sharon
    Hi Everyone! Really, I ve been *trying* to get here & do a bit of posting, just never get to it. So now I ve probably forgotten everything I ve wanted to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2005
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      Hi Everyone!

      Really, I've been *trying* to get here & do a bit of posting, just
      never get to it. So now I've probably forgotten everything I've
      wanted to comment on in recent weeks.

      Sword, nice to see you! Whenever I look at the night sky I think of
      you. Can't wait to see photos from your Hawaii cruise!!! And BTW,
      it's not that I'm "fed up" with cultstuff - "disinterested" is more
      like it. Anyway, Friday night we had a *huge* first birthday bash
      for my Codybear and it ended with something very special - the first
      really good opportunity to show Cody the moon, and sing "I see the
      moon and the moon sees me"! It really "clicked" for him, and now
      he can really connect the moon pictures I've pointed out to him with
      something "real". And then yesterday out on the deck, as the sun
      was going down, my little sweetie seemed to really notice it (the
      sun) for the first time. And we played with "light" and "dark" for

      Thanks for the reminder about being nice to current members, too.
      Not too long ago someone posted about TC having an "agenda" here -
      well, of *course* he does! *Everyone* has an "agenda" of some type,
      don't we? Yes, it's very important for those of us who've been out
      for a long time to go back now & then and remember what it was like
      when we first got on the internet and started learning the truth.

      Liz, when I started ET naturally a quite a few current members tried
      to post pro-cult material, etc., here, but there's less of it
      nowadays. Mostly I find a lot of "spam" in "pending" - ads for smut
      & money-making sites, and other "spiritual" orgs - mostly cult &
      money-making scam types.

      Mike, I've posted some "high" discourse material over at a.r.e. at
      times but can't really find any of it now. There's going to be more
      of it at the new website. Offhand, just about all I can think of
      right now is in the "Raphael" and "Gunnar" material in the files
      section here - he'd written some commentary on one of Klemp's "hi"
      discourses. And at one point Lurk did some over at a.r.e. awhile
      back. Anyway, there's one in particular I always remember that I
      think would interest people. You know how somewhere there's
      something written about how the time comes when one's "evolved" so
      much that you don't need "the master" anymore? That's addressed in
      one of them, I had to laugh - Klemp says something like why would
      anyone *want* to leave him? I don't remember if that's in the same
      discourse as a bunch of other b.s. written to sort of pacify HIs who
      are at the point where they've got 'em all & probably won't get
      anymore, so Klemp tells them to watch for a whole lot of
      little "inner" mini-inititiations. <gg> Anyway, those "high"
      discourses make it quite clear that you can *never* leave the cult.

      And I'd like to apologize to the people who've sent me cult material
      over the years, like the "HI" discourses & other stuff, so that I'd
      be able to get more out in public. I know it's taking me forever,
      please know that I take everyone's trust in me very seriously, and
      I'll be starting on it very soon.

      Colleen - going back aways to that post you did about Johnson's
      cultic attacks, I wanted to say....You *go*, girlfriend!!!!!! And
      my heart is with you and your family on the loss of your Lab - I'm
      so glad that you were able to send her off right there at home! All
      dogs are special, but Labs are a bit extra-special, IMO.

      ShabdaHu - awhile back you wrote something about that
      ridiculous "mirror" thing eckists are always mindlessly bleating, I
      wanted to thank you! Just popped back to look for that post,
      ohmigod, I am *so* far behind here! Anyway, that's just one of so
      many absolutely ridiculous things in e-kult that I wondered about -
      now, supposedly only "advanced" souls get into e-kult - well, if
      they're so advanced, why is there so much "elementary" stuff in
      the "teachings", things that the whole unevolved rest of the world
      generally learns in *childhood*, fer crissakes! Like in the Arahata
      book - It Is Written that one should wash, apply deodorant, and wear
      clean clothes before going forth and recruiting new members. Puh-

      One very nice thing I'm doing for myself "spiritually" right now is
      enjoying Guideposts magazine. It's one of so many beautiful
      expressions of Spirit in the world that e-kult likes to ignore, and
      keep members in that dark little eckanbox where they think the whole
      rest of the world is lost and suffering, and needs to be recruited.
      And Johnson's even pushier than e-kult in this area, with his silly
      same-old same-old "New Spiritual Paradigm" and "Great Work" - betcha
      that like e-kult, he's also making a profit from the promotional
      materials his members have to buy.

      Well, my mind's drifting off elsewhere...I'll try to be better about
      posting & keeping up here, but on the other hand, it looks like
      everything's going along just fine without me!!

      So much of e-kult's "teaching" is just plain backwards, has anyone
      else noticed that? For one thing, earth isn't perfect, but it's
      far from being the ashcan/dustbin of the universe that e-kult wants
      members to think it is. And there's a hell of a lot of
      general "negativity" in e-kult, actually, even though they pay lip-
      service to love, light, joy, etc.

      Gotta go - celebrate life, everyone!! It's truly a blessing!!


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