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Re: What do you think, does Hu or Harold really protect?

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  • tygerpurr
    Hi, I like all the pretty lights but I m more of a Pegan type, which is probably more true to form, as the Christians stole all the holidays anyway after the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 31, 2004

      I like all the pretty lights but I'm more of a Pegan type,
      which is probably more true to form, as the Christians stole all the
      "holidays" anyway after the fact. All the religious hype and church
      songs, even in grocery stores was getting on my nerves, but I managed
      to get through it all with some fun and friends.

      It's an interesting form of "New Age" guilt or just plain puritain
      religious guilt that somehow twists things up so much that someone
      actually has to write a book on why bad things happen to good people,
      even really good people. I'm sure there were probably a lot of tsunami
      victims who were just wonderful. Karmic junk won't explain that one away.

      I have had bad car accidents where I probably should have been killed.
      But the truth is, if I look back on it, I could have helped myself get
      killed by taking my hands off the steering wheel or making things
      worse somehow. Actually, once I was about to be hit head on by a
      driver trying to pass in the opposite direction. As I jerked to the
      side of the road in an attempt to control the car, it kept going over
      on two wheels, back and forth. The more I tried to control it, the
      worse it got, til finally the thought occured to me to just let go of
      the steering wheel, I kind of gave up. This caused the front wheels to
      up and the car skidded through the grass and up a slight hill to a stop.

      At the time, I was doing a lot of reading of other books, besides
      eckankar and arguing with a family member about it a lot and was even
      kind of mad at the eck master at the time for causing such a family
      rift and all these closed minded people and that I had possibly been
      duped into a cult. The only damage done, was that my lit cigarrette
      was broken in half, hanging by a piece of paper and I was still
      hanging onto it getting ready to take another drag. *G*

      I certainly wasn't singing hu or pondering on blessed thoughts of the
      eck master or mahanta!!! If anything, I just was in the moment more
      intensely and directly and more open to what was happening. I have
      also seen other trucks go through something similar, flip over and
      literally go up in flames. I wonder if they were eckist? *g* Actually,
      eckist or not, I certainly wouldn't want anyone to go through what I

      I saw a program on TV about an attemnpt to assasinate Hitler that
      didn't succeed, and he supposedly took this to mean that he was meant
      to live and carry out his mission. Would they say that he was being
      protected by the Mahanta? I'm sure they have some devious explanation
      about karma or something, the double think, a ready explanation for
      every event good or bad.

      I'm glad your son made out OK. Oh "hu" has a lot of different
      pronounciations and maybe AUM is better, or HUM or whatever. It gets
      ridiculous after awhile.

      Well Happy New Year!!! I've always liked New Years eve parties better,
      just more fun, IMHO.



      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, Elizabeth <whitefeatherliz@y...>
      > Hi all,
      > First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas?!
      > I was pondering the thought listed in the subject title a few nights
      ago when I received a nervous phone call from my son in Italy. He has
      been there on leave, visiting friends he went to Corps school with.
      > Tuesday evening my son and one of his buddies were leaving a pub
      located across from the Base. A bunch of the guys went there for
      dinner, and to play some pool. As my son and his friend were
      leaving, a guy came up from behind them and yelled something in
      Italian. My son's buddy knows enough of the language to know the guy
      wanted their wallets. This guy had a knife about 7 to 8 inches
      long.... since my son has had nothing but a rotten vacation,
      according to him ;-), his first thoughts were "Hell NO!" He then
      noticed the guy was about to attack his buddy with the knife, so my
      son kicked it out of this guys hand like it were a football. The
      next thing he knew he was on top of the guy pounding his face. My
      son's buddy who is about 6'4" just stood there in shock. Once he
      realized my son was really knocking the hell out of their attacker, he
      pulled my son off. Shortly after the would be attacker was removed
      of his knife ;-), the Italian cops showed up and took
      > statements. They recovered the knife..... then let my son and his
      buddy go back to the base.
      > My son ended up with several cuts on his hand and what they call
      boxer breaks. When I spoke with him I asked him what was he
      thinking?! Basically he said not once did the thought of singing Hu
      enter his mind, and would Harold or the Eck engulf him in a blue light
      of protection.
      > Basically those good ol human instincts of survival kicked in and he
      did what he only knew to do, protect himself! Now, can't you
      just imagine some eckist in the same situation Huing, and
      trusting...... you know those stories you read in the Eck
      Journals.... the ones where some big hand came down from the sky and
      protected so and so from a terrible car wreck. Or how about the one
      where a similar situation as my son's happened, and when the eckist
      turned to respond to the would be attacker, a fearful look came over
      the attackers eyes as if they had seen a ghost, then turned and ran
      for the hills..... so what happened? Of course my son hasn't
      believed in eckanpuke for years so he didn't have any of that special
      protection, yet something kept him from having a worse outcome! And
      what about those eckist that didn't get the protection promised by the
      klumpster? Maybe it was just their karma, or some lame excuse the
      org would spin????
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