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  • rc1tn@aol.com
    Hello Sharon, My gratitude for Yahoo Clubs, eckankarhistory and deja.com a.r.e., is based on a healing cycle I was going through. I no longer post at those
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2001
      Hello Sharon,
      My gratitude for Yahoo Clubs, eckankarhistory and deja.com a.r.e., is based
      on a healing cycle I was going through. I no longer post at those forums
      simply because I am 99% over my outrage concerning Cultankar's past.
      Sure eckanCrap played up to my vainity although in the begining I did not
      realize this fact in my life. So I am not a total victim. I bought the Twitch
      sale, but he had a responsibility not to lie or play with people's minds.
      When I first left Eckankar I had already been involved with a Christian
      Mystic, Zee Zipira, during my studies with her, I had a horrible revealation.
      I was shocked at how intense my *eck*-vainity was! Because of her gracious
      guidance I climbed down off my high eck pedistal and found a sense of balance
      in my life.
      But, I look forward to recieving more of your eckankartruth eMails. I am
      grateful to you too. Please continue !
      BTW, Amen Brudda, was a response to Sworddancer's previous psot.



      Did you try to include a picture after the "Amen Brudda"? Oh...I see
      [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] has been added at the
      bottom of your post here, so you must have a "graphic" that doesn't work here.

      It's nice to hear from another former member! I'm glad you're over your "outrage". And glad you
      were able to feel outraged! The cult does, after all, put a lot of emphasis on stifling anger, and I
      think Twitch deliberately emphasized that one because he knew that people *would* wake up,
      and he knew they'd be pissed off at being conned. That's also why he used a lot of those fear &
      threats to keep people in, *and* several other tactics to try to handle the problem of what
      happens when people wake up, see the truth, and get out of a cult. He knew that although he
      *could* con a lot of people (both on the "outer" with books, etc., as well as on the "inner" with his
      little psychic con games), not everyone would *stay* conned, and he didn't want to face the
      natural consequences of his actions.

      You know, I've been thinking lately about the "astral hell" & similar theats. "Teachings" such as
      this, I think, show clearly that Twitchell knew damn well what could happen when someone was
      lied to and deceived about something as deeply personal & important as their relationship with
      God. He'd certainly studied enough about religions, psychology, marketing, and even
      brainwashing & mind-control to know the psychological & emotional damage that could result
      from what he was doing. And I'm not just talking about the damage done to people who are able
      to wake up & get out, I'm also talking about the damage done to people with perhaps more
      aggressive & "fanatical" tendencies which he encourages to produce that cult TruthCorps to
      produce converts, as well as silence any "non-believers" who dare interfere with the "mahanta's

      I'm not posting as much simply because I don't have the time, and also my computer's been
      acting up, which makes things worse. I think it would be more helpful to others if I put my time &
      energy into doing a good, comprehensive website that covers just about everything I've learned
      since leaving the cult two years ago. For me, all the posting I did was mostly the record of my
      taking a clear look at the crap the cult had been putting into my head, and also how those things
      had affected others.

      Being in a cult is very similar to being in an abusive, controlling relationship. Actually, I sort of
      had fun over at a.r.e., giving back a bit of what the eckthugs like to dish out! <giggle>

      Well...I've gotta go! I hope more former eckists will post here. Maybe talk about how you felt,
      what helped you to wake up, things that helped you heal, etc.

      You know, I don't think there's anything wrong with admitting you were a victim. Sure, the cult
      tries to use that "personal responsibility" stuff and throw the blame away from them, but let's face
      it....you can teach a child to be careful & protect themselves & watch our for strangers & all, but
      as careful as you are, little ones are still basically trusting and even the most carefully taught
      child will naturally want to help some stranger who comes up to them in the park and says
      they've lost their puppy, and will the child help find it. I think it's natural to trust. It's the
      goodness in ourselves seeing that reflected in others. Even in con artists like Twitch who *may*
      have some natural goodness inside, but have no problem putting it aside if it gets them what they
      want, no matter how people are hurt.

      Well, have a nice weekend!


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