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HI Sharon!

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  • james bean
    12-23-99 From: James Bean spiritualawakening@hotmail.com Dear Sharon: Hi! Greetings from Maine! Have been noticing your site for quite awhile now. I tried to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 1999

      From: James Bean

      Dear Sharon:


      Greetings from Maine!

      Have been noticing your site for quite awhile now. I tried to join,
      and my membership remained pending, pending, pending. I just revisited the
      Eckankartruth site again a few minutes ago, and I see you're up and running!

      I used to be a member of Eckankar till I read an article in "The
      Spiritual Counterfeits Project," a monthly cult magazine. It's a Christian
      fundamentalist publication. Sometimes cult magazines are themselves written
      by cults with agendas to convert people, and Fundamentalists don't like any
      other religion anyway, so I didn't take the article too seriously. BUT, I
      was intrigued by their references to the research of DAVID LANE! Luckily,
      this article on Eck included David Lane's address! I wrote to Dave and he
      sent me his book on Eckankar. His research I did indeed take very, very
      seriously. Then I went to my local library and ordered an inter-library
      loan copy of "The Path of the Masters," by Julian Johnson. I was most
      impressed with Johnson's book. I remember remarking to myself at the time,
      'I'm learning more about Eckankar by reading THIS BOOK than by studying
      Eckankar materials!'

      After that, I dropped out of Eckankar and started researching the
      Sant tradition of India. I became good friends with David Lane. We've been
      chatting and corresponding for several years now. He even listed me in the
      Acknowledgments of his book "The Radhasoam Tradition!"

      I've done a lot of research into Paul Twitchell and the Sant Mat
      tradition of India, even to the point of knowing what books were on Paul's
      bookshelf and, I've even corresponded with Sant Mat initiates who REMEMBER
      Paul, confirming for myself what Lane has said. At this point, I've
      researched all the branches and Masters of Sant Mat. I wanted to make
      absolutely sure that I wouldn't run into the same problem I did after
      joining Eckankar -- discovering some nasty truth not mentioned in the fine
      print. In an alternative spiritual yellowpages I noticed listings for
      several Sant Mat groups in the US, so I started connecting with all the
      groups, all the books of the various Masters, and all the Satsangs. At this
      point, I could write my own book on Sant Mat.

      There are many personal experiences, books, websites, and
      observations about the Eckankar/Sant Mat connection that I would love to
      make available to you.

      Even though it's a traumatic experience to discover one's spiritual
      path to be based on a fraudulent foundation, I want you to know that, for
      many former Eckists, Eckankar has been a "steppingstone" to something much
      higher. There can be a happy and healthy ending -- Light and the end of the
      tunnel. By this I mean that many Eckists, after discovering the truth, have
      found peace, and have found the inner Light and Sound of Truth.

      What you're doing is very valuable and will help many spiritual
      seekers. There are several Eck-exposing sites out there. I haven't visited
      them all yet but, some of the ones I have checked out seem to be kind of
      negative, not nurturing. I sense what this site might become is a place of
      healing where people can sort out their experience with Eck, making sense of
      things, and move on to higher ground. May good things happen as a result of
      your new site Eckankartruth.

      God is Truth.

      Peace and Blessings to you always,


      >From: eckankartruth-owner@onelist.com
      >To: spiritualawakening@...
      >Subject: Welcome to eckankartruth
      >Date: 24 Dec 1999 00:13:06 -0000
      >Thank you for your interest in Eckankartruth. Please visit the websites
      >listed in Message #1 for more information about the cult.
      >Former members are welcome to post messages here. Because there are many
      >pro-cult sites on the internet, pro-cult messages will not be accepted.
      >Thank you!
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