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Grand babies :-))))

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  • Elizabeth
    brighttigress@yahoo.com wrote: Oh, you are just going to *love* your grand babies!! I hope the first is a boy! I can just picture him in a cute little
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 15, 2004

      brighttigress@... wrote:

      Oh, you are just going to *love* your grand babies!!  I hope the first is a
      boy!  I can just picture him in a cute little camouflage outfit, carrying
      a kiddie-sized bow & arrows, toddling along behind Grand pop, learning how
      to stalk deer! 

      ***  I can't wait for my first grand baby, and I hope it is a boy that looks like my son!!!  You bring back memories of my first born when he was a little guy, talking to me on the phone when I was at work.  He was only 8 months old, and my mom would hold the phone to his ear every night so I could say goodnight to him.  (suddenly this brings tears to my eyes and my heart is full of happiness!) 

        Yesterday my son called to tell me he is getting married!  I suspected it was coming...  :-))))  He has known this young lady since they both were in boot camp last summer.  They spent the last 16 months together in schools and training, she was just sent out of the country and they are heart broken, but hopefully my son will get to pick orders where she is.  They both finished top of their classes!   A wedding is being planned for this Dec. most likely where ever they both can meet for leave time if not stationed together.  So neither side of the families will be able to attend, but they promised lots of pictures!   AND NO IT"S NOT AN ECK WEDDING!!!!!   

        I agree with Sharon,  everyone have a great day, and weekend....   enjoy the beautiful fall colors of the season, and cuddle with your sweetie by a nice cozy fireplace!  ;-)


      ~Life Affirmation~

      Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
      but by the moments that take our breath away.
    • al_radzik
      ... thru ... http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/Spirituality_and_Science/id/4161 ... beast, and knocks down walls. I saw some TV show where scientists tried
      Message 2 of 9 , Oct 18, 2004
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        > >
        > > > Whoops - and one more good website, every so often I *do* skim
        > the
        > > > "daily digests" I turned back on and find a "gem" like this one,
        > > hard to
        > > > imagine all the great stuff I've probably missed in the 100+
        > > digests, etc.
        > > > sitting there unread right now. Check out:
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > Bye!!
        > > >
        > > > Hugs,
        > > >
        > > > Sharon
        > >
        > > So maybe Michael Wallace is on to something?
        > >
        > > Alf
        > Sound, usually in musical form, has been used for mood-altering (or
        > whatever) throughout recorded history. It soothes the savage
        beast, and knocks down walls. I saw some TV show where scientists
        tried to prove whether or not sound could have really knocked down
        the walls of biblical Jericho.

        Yes, that's true. Sound is powerful, but if for a moment you can
        bring yourself to do Micheal Wallace's free test on his <cough>
        website, you may be amazed at the way he first of all, derives your
        special introductory tone, and second, actually listen to the piece
        of shit thaqt corresponds to your speshul number. My kids banged out
        crap like that with a Barbie Piano at the age of four!

        > The American Tinnitus Association "estimates that over 50 million
        > Americans experience tinnitus to some degree. Of these, about 12
        > have severe enough tinnitus to seek medical attention. And about
        > million patients are so seriously debilitated that they cannot
        function on
        > a "normal," day-to-day basis." (http://www.ata.org)

        That's from us going to Led Zeppelin concerts when we were hippies!

        > My first cult HI talked about hearing noises before joining the
        cult -
        > doctors had no satisfactory answer for her. The cult *did*. Think
        > it - what if all doctors told people with tinnitus not to worry,
        it's just
        > God?

        God doing what? Ringing your cosmic doorbell?

        > You're a musician - you know how music affects people! When I need
        a bit
        > of help with the housework, I put on Guns N' Roses, not "Classics
        > Meditation" - or our resident street musician Mike's wonderful
        fiddle CD!

        I get nothing but compliments. Saturday night we played at the @#%^%^
        and the audience went wild! I must say, I do have a great voice
        according to other people, and they say I have several voices...some
        soothing in the ballads, others very melodic and McCartneyesque, and
        others say if they close their eyes, I sound black when I sing the

        > Somewhere along the way, Twitch mentioned sound in the right ear is
        > Suggie, and the left ear is Kal. And I remember a discussion about
        > on chela-chat as an eckist - I ended up thinking the heck with it,
        > just think of sounds in both ears as little greetings from God.

        That's old Roman stuff. The latin for right is "dexter" and the latin
        for left is "sinister". Lefthandedness was always associated with
        evil. I'm left handed, BTW.

        > Anyway, arrggghhh - had a bit too much eck yesterday, and more than
        > fair share of cleaning out the latrine! Not in the mood for it

        I'll take the latrine anyday.

        > The only thing "new" on earth is whatever's new for us, when we
        happen to
        > "discover" it. And science is doing just fine, making a lot of
        > with explanations and de-mystification.

        Michael's website needs some descontruction by the authorities.

        > Anyway, I need to spend some time looking up kiddie songs, rhymes,
        > etc. - I can't even remember enough to even begin to fathom all
        > forgotten over the years!! I have a few favorite little songs I
        sing to
        > my precious Codybear, and just the last week or so it seems by his
        > reactions that his favorite is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". So,
        > what I sung to him yesterday on the phone, which I've done quite a
        > times since he arrived back in May - but this was the *first* time
        > really seemed to "get it" and not just look confused, or try to eat
        > phone. My daughter-in-law was laughing in the background, and when
        > got the phone back, she said his eyebrows went up and he smiled as
        > held the phone to his sweet little furry ear! Yep, he's still got
        > adorable ear-fur, but the stuff on his shoulders is gone. Not a
        lot, in
        > fact, I had to take off my glasses, close one eye, and squint with
        > other to really see it, just as I have to do to read the small-
        > ingredient lists at the grocery store. <gg>
        > And he's chuckling out loud now, too!
        > Oh, you are just going to *love* your grandbabies!! I hope the
        first is a
        > boy! I can just picture him in a cute little camouflage outfit,
        > a kiddie-sized bow & arrows, toddling along behind Grandpop,
        learning how
        > to stalk deer!
        > Gotta run - have a great day & weekend, everyone!!
        > Hugs,
        > Sharon
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